How to submit news


 (1) We prefer MS Word attached – OR – simply copy-paste in a body of an email. We cannot publish from your ‘html’ E-news, flyers, media alerts or other in-house formats. In addition, we do not subscribe to these mailings.

 (2) We prefer images/jpegs – if not attached, we will download from your location.

 (3) We prefer 3-6 week lead time on timed venues.

 (4) AAPJ publishes its writings as well as varied timed reports from its associations formed throughout its history. In addition, selected AAPJ writings are also published on other established networks.

 (5) Email to our central address – If we should need more information that requires voice communication, we will telephone.

 About . . .

 Founded in 1988, the Art-to-Art Palette Journal (AAPJ) began publishing and established its central objective: “. . . to serve as a contributing media for the promotion and support of the arts, an advocate for continued education and for the organizations, groups, societies, clubs and creative minds throughout the United States including beyond its borders.” AAPJ has published at various digital and print cycles, especially when it served as the national spokesmedia for Art-to-Art: Building Friendships Through Art (1986-2006), a national 501c3 art education entity. Today, it continues its platform, serving as a visual ‘historical’ validation document about those who have made a difference in and for the Arts and Educational communities.