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About AAP 12-10

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The Art-to-Art Palette Journal print editorial forum is comprised of 10 Sections: Cover, Main, Paint Box, Potter’s Shed, Bugle Section, Storybook, Clothesline, Cupboard, In-Out Design, Back Porch, as well as various Departments: Contents, Tips&Techniques, HowDoIt, People, Places, Events, Educator’s Row and Poet’s Corner.

The Art-to-Art Marketplace Guide print editorial forum is designed to promote the services, products and venues for those in and serving the Arts and Educational communities. AAMG is a separate inclusive in the AAPJ. Its Sections are: Cover, PaletteBoards, Art in Performance, Two Sisters Bookmart and Professional Court, as well as various Departments: At the Museums, At the Centers, CountryStyle Art in Performance and Reviews.