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The ‘Ark’ is waiting

  Our country is at the most precarious point in time and history. The decisions to be made will not only change our lives, but it will also affect the entire world. It is an urgent time and art has always been the best medium to convey the Message of the People. Like in the […]

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Hands-on knowledge at one’s fingertips

When you’re painting, do you find yourself wondering what color to use next?  Do you have problems mixing colors to get the exact hue you want?  If so, this book is for you.  No matter where you fall on the skill level spectrum – beginner to professional – Exploring Color Workshop, 30th Anniversary Edition by […]

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A visual trip inside the City of Lights

“The Tall Trees of Paris” is a book by Matt Wagner that is a collection of artists and their work from the magnificent city of Paris, France. The book is a fun read and visual experience.        Included are questions asked to each artist by author Wagner. Three of the nine are: What […]

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Ho! Ho! Ho! ‘Santa Nita’ stopped by

For me, Nita Leland’s art books have always been a wonderful source of information; in fact, her newest, the 30th Anniversary Edition Exploring Color Workshop, was also like experiencing the joys of Christmastime.      The beautiful art leaps from the pages whereas I could not stop flipping until I reached the end. After that excitement, […]

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Leland: A definite ‘colorful educator’

When viewing this book, I think of Julie Andrews in that mountaintop scene as she twirls and echoes the “The Hills Are Alive” in the Sound of Music movie – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fH2FOn1V5g and as I turn the pages, also comes to mind is “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”  song by Justin Timberlake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru0K8uYEZWw – Exploring Color Workshop […]

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‘Fire of Life’

Along with a captive audience, I was totally in awe by the performance of Forever Flamenco recently at the John Anson Ford Theatre. This was a crescendo of over 700 flamenco performances produced by the Fountain Theatre in Los Angeles. The word “Jaleo” was heard throughout this amphitheater. This is a term that only this […]

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Coach echoes bravos for baritone

Review by Ann Gresham      As said in Robert Browning’s Andrea del Sarto, “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a Heaven for?” I found the latter words so true recently when I drove two white-knuckled hours through LA’s Friday rush-hour traffic in the rain to hear the senior recital of young […]

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Originality in full bloom

Open your mind and formerly perceived concepts of reality to allow Matthew Blackwell to take you on a journey of his world of reflection.   From the streets of downtown LA, he captures the inner pulse of the city.   From the plumbing, to the most intense conversations we encounter a new life form: The urban […]

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A childhood memory of love and lols

     Records in print, whether they be books, journals, photographs or paintings are visual aids by which the eye and the heart join in a recollection of a reality that was and is, uniting them as one, granting them an instant snapshot of a once; somewhat in an outer body experience, yet in person to […]

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His art has risen

In my review of “The Art of William Emboden” published by Premium Modern Art, its written text, as I see, a collaboration among William Emboden, Peter Shire and Chevalier Tony Clark speaks exceptionally highly, right on the mark, in regards to Emboden’s artistic style.   I found his work to illustrate similarities to the art […]

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A modern ‘masterpiece’ in print

As an artist and educator, I was hugely impressed with the book, “Masterpieces of American Modernism: From the Vilcek Foundation” by art historians William C. Agee and Lewis Kachur with contributions also by Rick Kinsel and Emily Schuchardt Navratil.      Modernism began in the late 19th century and included many talented artists such as, Arthur […]

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She wrote about falsies

Written in an approachable and amenable style, however not only aimed at the layman, but also  a recommended reading for non-specialists, art historians, curators and scientists alike, Jehane Ragai’s new book, “The Scientist and the Forger” released by Imperial College Press and World Science Publishers, takes the reader down the fascinating and ever more turbulent […]

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A ‘rare’ experience

I will never forget a lecture series in April 2013 at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center of Northwest Ohio. National Geographic nature photographer, Joel Sartore gave an inspiring talk with numerous visuals, and his twenty years experience, which has taken him all over the globe, was undoubtedly evident.      Sartore spoke with genuine enthusiasm and […]

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A treasured time

One of my greatest anticipations during the summer is a journey to the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts with my sister. The Clark is located on rolling lawns nestled in a beautiful wooded area. Before you even enter the building, you can sense a feeling of peace and the need to […]

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Faithfulness of true love

“Bridegroom” is a new documentary telling the tragic love story of Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom. The film, produced and directed by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, is about same-sex marriage, won the Audience Awards for Best Documentary at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, the 2013 Toronto Inside Out Festival and the 2013 Little Rock Film Festival […]

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‘War boy’ story needs told on the big screen

     There is no surrealism in my findings in this Holocaust survivor’s life, other than the word or a form of it has been used so many times in this book; I began to choke! Ivan Z. Gabor’s autobiography as told to and written by Jeffrey Beal, “Echoes of My Footsteps” became, on one hand […]

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Sam´s book is a chef´s palette

     I find it amazing how several hefty handfuls of wheat grains can take on other visual forms in a variety as food staples, especially breads. I find it amazing how hands of mankind when anointed with their touch; the outcome multiplies, thusly producing a thought of ´inquiring minds want to know´ while at the […]

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My artistic demands met

     Approaching a work of art of any period and in any medium, we have the expectation of honesty, integrity, originality, sincerity and mastering his medium.      In contemporary art, we find these qualities in such figures by Matthew Blackwell, who derives his paintings from his imagination and personal convictions.       For each work, he […]

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OH: Columbus

WHERE: Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center. WHEN: Saturday, May 11th from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. TITLE: 2013 Ohioana Book Festival BRIEF ABOUT: More than 100 authors, live music, award-winning food trucks, writers, lots of books together for a day filled with inspiration, learning and fun.      “We are excited to have so many nationally […]

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A visual feast

    On Saturday, April 6, 2013, it was an evening for art lovers. The galleries in the famed Bergamot Station/Santa Monica area swung open their doors, especially the Sulkin/Secant, where an exhibition of approximately twenty-five known artists in the Western US region exhibited their works which were part of the Portal of Opportunities competition conducted by LarkGallery. […]

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‘Whoops of pleasure’…

  Set in the crown of a Magyar evening at Walt Disney Concert Hall on January 18, 2013, a radiant, commanding Midori (www.gotomidori.com) and the Los Angeles Philharmonic swept aside the cobwebs of the conventional concerto experience in Peter Eötvös’s labyrinth of sound and architectural emotion; it was the world premiere of the 69-year old […]

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A ‘Force of Nature’ hits Hollywood

     The Hollywood Arts Council is welcoming Ian Ross in the Project LA Gallery in Hollywood, California.      On Thursday, February 28, Sarah Gough will host an event with artist Ross, who will give a lecture about his artistry, including Nyla Arslanian, President of the Hollywood Arts Council will discuss why Hollywood has been picked […]

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OH: Cincinnati

WHEN: December 2012 Online Edition. TITLE: End of the Year Best Fiction of 2012 BRIEF ABOUT: AEQAI’s Editor Daniel Brown writes “Although The New York Times Books Review’s editors found 2012 to be an exceptionally exciting year for new fiction, I found the opposite to be the case:  2012 was one of the weakest years […]

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OH: Van Wert

  WHERE: Wassenberg Art Center. WHEN: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 7:00 pm.  BRIEF ABOUT:  A newly published book, “Grandma’s Garden” authored by Holly Mishler of Monroe Indiana and illustrated by Karen Flesch of Decatur, Indiana will be on site on for an official book signing.      The book is a timeless children’s story which […]

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ME: Portland

WHERE: Portland Museum of Art in the Bernard Osher Foundation Auditorium. WHEN: Thursday, December 13, 2012, 6:00-8:00 pm. BRIEF ABOUT: Photographer Brian Vanden Brink, who is one of the most sought after architectural photographers in the country, delivers a presentation of his new book, “Iconic: Perspectives on a Man-Made World” which represents more than 30 […]

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A novel with a forever touching spirit

“Petey” is a young adult book which is about children born in the early 1900s with “deficiencies” and are thought to be idiots, morons or imbeciles; thusly they were put in a mental institution. In actuality, Petey’s condition was Cerebral Palsy, in brief terms, a brain muscle weakness.      As Petey spends his life in […]

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Words of our time

Whether it is the way of the Egyptians, or the rice writing by the Japanese, or the beautiful Islamic calligraphy as well as by Pierre-Jules Renard (1864-1910) who integrated the image and word in his large lithographs, Word as Art has been a tradition. Today, there is Paul Rusconi whose art is capsule of time […]

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A gem among the scholars

    Tucked on a corner of a sprawling 350 acre campus of the University of Texas in Austin, stands a building that blends in with the others, however the exterior looks are deceiving. The Blanton Museum of Art gave me the feeling of stepping into another reality in dimension and perception. Built in 2003, the […]

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A new ‘bouquet’

     There is a saying that deals with fine wine from Othello, II. iii. (315) by William Shakespeare (1564-1616):  It goes, “Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used.” Nita Leland’s newest book, New Creative Collage Techniques, which is a power-packed fresh updated version of the original Creative Collage Techniques, who […]

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Nashville! Nashville! ´Little Giant´ tells it his way

     Stan Hitchcock´s “At The Corner of Music Row and Memory Lane” is a book that recants the many paths he has journeyed on, covering a span of over four decades from the 1960s and through the 1990s, in this book of some 50 plus chapters of stories, his travels records the ins, the outs, […]

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New book should come with warning

     Nita Leland’s art books are informative, adventurous and fun. Her latest accomplishment, “New Creative Collage Techniques” is another jewel in her crown.      Each page is a wealth of knowledge along with visual excitement with lots of colorful images and just enough words for clear explanation. Also, the spiral bound book lays flat and […]

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Enjoy a Green Spring

By Tony Clark, Curator, Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres     When winter comes we die a little and many things actually die from exposure or neglect. However spring brings us a new birth and perspective along with hope. Those things, places and forms of life that seemed dead or useless are having a […]

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Vintage and Contemporary Unite

     There is an old saying that dates back to the 17th century when it comes to spring’s weather, “March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb,” and in comparison to this first series of Contemporary Art Openings at the new Harvey’s Art Gallery & Showroom in West Hollywood, whereas I was chosen to curate […]

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Award-winner talks on Leland book

At the beginning of her book “New Creative Collage Techniques,” Nita Leland says, “Collage is like an amusement park with something for everyone…Anyone can do it, regardless of age or skill level.”  Indeed, after reading this colorful, exciting book, you may find yourself “hooked on collage.”       This book contains a wealth of easy-to-understand information […]

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They rode on angelic wings

     Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry are two faithful women, who decided to bring a better life and a little hope to those in need. “Prisoners of Hope: The Story of Our Captivity and Freedom in Afghanistan” is the story of their work in Afghanistan, the people they love and would serve. The book reveals […]

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A big Boom for my buck

     Children’s author and illustrator, Steven Kellogg lit up the stage at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center in Van Wert, Ohio. The gregarious artist captured not only mine, but also from what I immensely believe, the whole audience with his lively animated approach.     His face glowed as he shared letters he received from young […]

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Yes I will Whitney, but . . .

     There are a few quotes I found hurriedly handwritten amongst my many piles that I cannot attribute the authorship to: “You know that you are in love when the hardest thing to do is say good-bye” and “A true lover always feels in debt to the one he loves.” These are two of my […]

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A global revival in my homeland

     As you are leaving Beverly Hills, you know instantly that you are entering the Creative City: West Hollywood by the large bronze sculpture garden that runs down the medium as a ‘Welcoming Gate’ to the land of wonder.      It is consistent that the City of West Hollywood would be a part of the […]

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‘Historian´ spotlights legendary songster of rhythm

     Francesco Paolo LoVecchio aka “Mr. Steel Tonsils”,”Old Leather Lungs”, and “Mr. Rhythm”, but mostly known as Frankie Laine (1930-2007) has been given a posthumously validation by the authorship of Richard Grudens in his 2009 book entitled: “Mr. Rhythm-A Tribute to Frankie Lane.” Grudens, who has been tagged as “the musical historian of our time” […]

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Simon´s ´Dream´ is history in the making

     It has been said many of times and in many ways, but I remain completely confident we never forget our first loves; those which become so deep-rooted in the fabric of our self–we just can let them go, regardless where we are in our so-far life travels. For me and to this day, Barbra […]

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Fiction I really felt

     Author Melody Carlson creates such believable characters; I could actually feel their trials and triumphs, such as in “Christmas at Harringtons” where Lena is penniless and down on her luck, but when she receives the gift of a red coat, wonderful changes happen, opening her world to new opportunities.      Carlson’s words flow from […]

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Could be a multi-cultural film starring the Pitts

     Guardianship of life in a civilized society is a monumental responsibility, especially for those whose window to the world has blinds on both sides that shields the Good, the Bad and even the Pangals. They only have a cloistral view that offers no real education by application: a tried and tested experience of the […]

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Storyteller ‘crumbs’ are delicious

     I have this friend who is quite an exceptional artist with a specialty in cartooning. After reading “Precarious” by Al Riske, I envisioned myself as a general practitioner in family medicine. One of my patients – let us call him Casey, who has a genetic history of hypertension that has brought on erectile dysfunction. […]

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Rock ‘n Roll

Editor’s note: “Rock ‘n roll” was written by Aljaž Zupančič in a prose review style dedicated to Laurence Vittes that surrounds  the Maribor Festival 2011, Boundless Creativity and Song project No. 2, with Giovanni Sollima on cello and Marino Formenti, piano. Author Zupančič was born in 1988 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After finishing grammar school in Kočevje, he went to […]

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My final Blanton ‘escapade’

Once again I traversed the serenity of the atrium from the diverse exhibition pieces.  I traveled upstairs excited to revel in pieces acquired through donations by patrons as Farah Fawcett and the American novelist James Michener and his wife Mari, among many others, to the Blanton Museum at the University of Texas at Austin.  True […]

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An artist of many dimensions

Music has been a strong influence and inspiration for Todd Williamson in the creation of his works. It started with the local church music of his childhood and later it would be the great orchestral and vocal works that he enjoyed as he grew into manhood in the U.S. and Europe.      Todd did his […]

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Blanton: My journey continues

After transcending from another dimension, in the atrium sea colors of “Stacked Waters” by Teresita Fernandez, I passed through an archway of Texas Limestone columns into the galleries that house the exhibitions. A different dimension is evident from the meditative atrium to polished hardwood floors, spacious areas that are separated by moveable low walls, contemporary […]

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Memories made perfect

          One of my favorite museums is the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts. I immensely enjoy the drive through the winding country roads leading to the museum which sets the tone for a wonderful day. My sister Janet and I look forward to this visit, especially during the summertime.      […]

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Revelations of Todd Williamson

     I was told that there was a new exhibition, “Divine Disconnect” in West Hollywood, California that I should experience. This gallery was hosting a one man show of the internationally renowned artist Todd Williamson (www.toddwilliamson.com). As I approached the address I did not find a gallery, but a contemporary chapel that welcomed the guests […]

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He would have loved this one

One concert from the 65th annual Ojai Festival earlier this month, celebrating the reopening of Libbey Bowl, also celebrated, as each successive Festival does, founder Lawrence Morton’s commitment to preserving the primacy and intimacy of contemporary and other classical musics. Richard Tognetti and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.      Virtuoso violinist and conductor Richard Tognetti and […]

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