The ‘Ark’ is waiting

"Counting on Forever" by Todd Williamson, oil on canvas, 70 x 60 inches, 2016.

“Counting on Forever” by Todd Williamson, oil on canvas, 70 x 60 inches, 2016.


Our country is at the most precarious point in time and history. The decisions to be made will not only change our lives, but it will also affect the entire world. It is an urgent time and art has always been the best medium to convey the Message of the People. Like in the Russian Revolution, the Russian Avant-garde was born. The works of Kazimir Malevich, Aleksandra Ekster, Vladimir Tatlin, Wassily Kandinsky, David Burliuk and many more gave silenced a voice.

     Victory Over the Sun was a theatrical work that incorporated the visual and the performing arts. It was their Reality TV.  Fortunately, I was able to see a reconstruction of this brilliant political and artistic performance shown at our own Bing Theater at LACMA.  It was so moving and powerful in a more tranquil time in our country.

However, today it would be more poignant. So that was then and now is a crisis now! I am so pleased that we have artists like Todd Williamson, who has conscientiousness, intellect and talent to awaken us from our sleep – there is a war going on people.

Let the dictates of society behold the messages that this artist delivers. Question yourselves about what you are doing to make a difference. Do you think nothing will change? Are you secure in your life and your world? Well, you better partake of what is going on in our country or you only have yourself to blame.

Look at Williamson’s message uncalculated on his canvases.  Go to –  The Disillusionment of Truth and read the words of the artist and click on the link to explore and reflect as you see each one of his works of art. May they be a beacon or a remembrance of a time in which we lived and too few responded.  It is like the Gandi and the Dali Lama are holding hands, praying that we bring harmony and peace to the world. Maybe you think your vote on one proposition or one candidate does not matter. Well, if we all have that attitude nothing matters. If we engage ourselves like Williamson everything matters.

He has left the questioning up to you. Enjoy the art and take action in however you see fit, Now is the time to activate and respond in kind.  Lets make a difference and continue the change from within. This starts in our own homes and moves to DC. The world will be a reflection of our inner strengths and morality. Yes, one poetic painting can say a lot and mean so much more.


By Chevalier Tony Clark

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  1. Such an important statement about the health of our times and what we are going through as a nation.

  2. An Abstract Art Lover

    Nice review and what a great exhibition from Todd Williamson! The art is incredibly beautiful and really captures the emotions of the turbulent times the world is experiencing. The reverberation of these decisions being made around the world are almost tangible- and I can see them in this art. Thanks for posting.

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