A visual trip inside the City of Lights

“The Tall Trees of Paris” is a book by Matt Wagner that is a collection of artists and their work from the magnificent city of Paris, France. The book is a fun read and visual experience.


     Included are questions asked to each artist by author Wagner. Three of the nine are: What are your favorite shops? What are you doing this weekend? What is your

"Paris is the foundation of contemporary art, the requirement for graduation," says author Wagner.

“Paris is the foundation of contemporary art, the requirement for graduation,” says author Wagner.

favorite museum in Paris?

     I find this is a unique approach to getting to know each artist. Although the questions are short, the reader is encouraged to keep turning the pages into another work of art.

     Finally, I could say this book is the next best option to flying to Paris and meeting the artists in person.

Review by Pat Rayman

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