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William Allen Emboden 1935-2016


William Emboden (2-24-1935 to 5-10-2016) has published seven books, co-authored two others and is the sole author of 250 articles. He has served as professor of biology in two California universities. His five year Presidential Appointment at Harvard University and lectureships at UCLA and Oxford University are a part of a distinguished academic career during which he was awarded Outstanding Professor.

Emboden’s foray into art began with his early, meticulous, botanical drawings. His talent led him to create by employing a variety of media. His studies with two leading Italian and German artists, including his appreciation of ancient scripts and global museum visits, opened his mind to a wide concept of art and artistic methods.  His expansive interests and artistic techniques have culminated in internationally acclaimed art exhibitions. Privately collected, he is enjoyed his quiet celebrity.

In 2015 end, the “Art of William Emboden” was released. The book, authored by Chevalier Tony Clark ( and released by Premium Modern Art, ( explores and touches on his many endeavors. It is the first work to treat Emboden’s artistic talents as a true marriage of poetry and science; thusly, a book of historical content that illustrates the great diversity of his art and the new language with which he created.

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  1. Ann Gresham

    To William and Tony,

    My honored and honorable friends,
    forever and beyond. You have done
    so much for me. Know that I love you.


  2. Julie Ann Dunhill, MD

    I am left in awe at your beautiful tribute to William. I am grateful to have known him for so many years. With respect, Julie Ann Dunhill, MD

  3. Sarajane Swartz

    I’m so very, very sorry. William has been and will be in my prayers every night. What special person and an extraordinary man. Much love, Sarajane Swartz

  4. Carol and Jac Stulberg

    Jac and I are so saddened at William’s passing. Yet, at the same time we know he is at peace and without pain. Love, Carol and Jac Stulberg

  5. Fran Reichenbach

    I heard his “goodbye” in our last conversation a couple days ago as he was getting ready for his 1:00 pm appointment with the oncologist. He told me that he was ready to let go. I love him so very much. He is in my heart and will be forever. Fran Reichenbach

  6. Ehsan Bigzaad

    I was thinking that I would not be able to see William again, but I was fortunate to see him once more last month at the fair. William is very nice human being and anything we make for him comes out very beautiful. We believe it is because of his goodness. I enjoyed his book and his art works in it. I didn’t know he was such an excellent artist.We will miss William and will always love him. Ehsan Bigzaad

  7. Laura Davis

    What a terrible loss, and wanted to express how sorry I am to hear it. I remember meeting William some years ago during one of my daily walks — he was out with the dog — and chatting with him about canyon plants. To this day, I cannot see a castor bean plant without thinking of that first delightfully wacky conversation. Laura Davis

  8. Stathis & Ralph

    We have known William since 1972. I met him at Peggy Christian’s bookshop, along with Bob Gustafson, and I remember a telephone conversation with William that very evening that lasted for over five hours. Neither of us took a breath. All our conversations were like that – jumping effortlessly from one subject to another and back again where we began. And he always told me that I made him laugh, which now makes me happy, knowing that we shared lighter moments as well as serious ones. I am proud to have been part of his life

    Today I received an announcement from The Library of Congress for a current exhibition of new Acquisitions. One of the books being exhibited is William’s JEAN COCTEAU AND THE ILLUSTRATED BOOK. And further on in the announcement is a display of several of my photographs of him. On this sad day this makes me content to know that William has created a legacy that will endure. From Stathis & Ralph

  9. Patti Negri

    Love, just love… Patti Negri

  10. Laurel Woodley

    We will all miss him – I have known him since college days at UCLA. Please keep us informed regarding any celebration of life event in the future. Love, Laurel Woodley

  11. Larry and Audrey Smith

    He will be missed by all who knew him. His life only brings back fond memories. Larry and Audrey Smith

  12. Love abounds and rises up in spite of the void. j.Reto

  13. Mao Kat AKA Melanie Manos

    Sending love, beauty and harmony from Japan. I am thinking of William in every beautiful garden. With love and Kat kisses, Mao Kat AKA Melanie Manos

  14. For Tony,

    Cher said, “If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life.” Your L.B.

  15. Kristin Kenaston

    William was so very kind to my son and I and his loving spirit will be missed dearly. Much love, K

  16. Ann Gresham

    I’m so happy to see this formal appreciation of William, knowing what an active participant he was in supporting and protecting the environment of Beachwood Canyon, California as well as the health, safety and quality of life where you all live. A good citizen and a great, friendly neighbor to all.

  17. Harley Snaps

    William had warm smile and gracious welcome for all at his book signing.

  18. Padrick Bentley

    Very nicely said. It sounds like a privilege to have known him and he’s obviously a wonderful artist. I’m sure the book meant a lot, it’s inspired.

  19. Fred Dear

    I am deeply touched by your beautiful message and remembrance of Bill and will always treasure it.
    When I was young and still immature, he was truly a wonderful role model for me.
    With gratitude, I will always consider him to be one of the significant individuals who shaped my life.
    I am so fortunate that our paths crossed and will forever be grateful for the friendship that we shared.

  20. Charles Edgar

    What a beautiful tribute, and amazing replies to a man who very clearly deeply touched the lives of so many. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Jehangir Noor

    The tribute is written very well befitting of a man of William’s stature . What a great man. He had so many achievements, yet he was so humble. We will miss William.

  22. Yolanda and Raphael Tisdale

    What a beautiful testament to a well-lived life. We should all be so fortunate to leave such a rich, fulfilled legacy. Raphael and I feel blessed to have be able to share a small part of it.

  23. Colleen Craig

    Dearest Tony,
    My deepest condolences for your tremendous loss. You and William hold a very special place in my heart. He will never be forgotten.

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