His art has risen

"Self Portrait" mixed media on canvas, 60 x 40 inches, 2015. Cover dust jacket.

“Self Portrait” mixed media on canvas, 60 x 40 inches, 2015. Cover dust jacket.

In my review of “The Art of William Emboden” published by Premium Modern Art, its written text, as I see, a collaboration among William Emboden, Peter Shire and Chevalier Tony Clark speaks exceptionally highly, right on the mark, in regards to Emboden’s artistic style.


I found his work to illustrate similarities to the art of Jackson Pollock, Picasso, ancient Egypt and Chinese brushing paintings. Of course, I do not mean Emboden’s style is all rolled up into one. Each piece is unique and carries its own statement.

Abstract and nonobjective art sometimes allows the viewer to come to their own conclusions about a work.

Ink works, “Mystery Land I” and “Mystery Land II” has similarities to an ancient cliff dwelling.

The collage, “Revealed Beauty” may be compared to an ancient Egyptian embalming.

Emboden’s art is rich in knowledge, history, skill, design and emotion. He is a true diversified artist.

Review by Ben Rayman

NOTE: You are encouraged to go to author Tony Clark’s site, learn more about the book and order direct. Don’t be shy,  please be bold enough to ask for a AAPJ discount, including a signed copy: www.clarkfinearts.com 

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14 Comments for “His art has risen”

  1. John Miller

    I do not like many critics, but to my surprise I wholeheartedly agree with this reviewer – he nailed Clark’s Emboden “expose” by serving me the “main course” first. The rest of my “meal courses” will be a true visual feast.

  2. I am extremely flattered by Ben Rayman’s perceptive and insightful review. He is a true literary and art critique that I respect highly. Thank you for publishing this critique and embracing my latest publication.

    Tony Clark, Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres

  3. Padrick Bentley

    Love the book! There’s a lot if heart in it to be sure and it’s a pleasure to get acquainted with W.E. Congratulations! Padrick Bentley

  4. Mark Sarahai

    Opening this book opened my Third Eye.

  5. Megan Bloomberg

    I am amazed at the diversity and palette of one artist. The critical essay by Chevalier Clark gave me a profound perspective. This book is now on center of my coffee table and will be eternally in my art book library.
    Megan Bloomberg

  6. Jose Maldinado

    This is one of the finest art books of the 21th Century. Chevalier Tony Clark’s critical essay would so poignant and placed Emboden if the context of a time past and today. Having the artist comment on his own work made this book complete.

  7. Terry McMillian

    It is definite, reviewer Rayman knows how to call a spade a spade and in his report, he has raised Emboden to the highest level in the artworld.

  8. Larry Reisman

    I really enjoyed the new languages and vehicles of one man’s expression of his poetry. A complete success. The words are a heartfelt and his bold strokes in his paintings.

  9. Ann Gresham

    I brought four of my advanced voice students to the launch of the book party. They were amazed by the art, the book and lecture by Chevalier Tony Clark. William Emboden’s poetry thrilled them as it was , as one stated “It was painterly in all respects”
    Ann Gresham
    Educator and vocal coach.

  10. Jerry Baum

    The gallery of over one hundred people all looking at art, trying to get a book signed and deeply involved in conversation. This a book signing/exhibition should be.
    Jerry Baum
    Artist and writer

  11. Marcia Himmel

    Who knew? A rather small grouping of galleries were filled with people looking at art and exchanging ideas. Some stayed for more than two hours as did I. One on wish to miss Chevalier Tony Clark extemporarily declaim the development of the art and production of the book. Artist of the evening, William Emboden, recited his haiku poetry to applause. It was a wonderful evening.
    Marcia Himmel
    Artist and journalist.

  12. Ann Getty

    This book is so profound. I can put it down or stop showing it to friends. What a treasure. I want to have some of Emboden’s work added to the Collection.
    Amy Getty

  13. Steve Martin

    The Art of William Emboden gave use a new language and a new way to view the world through his “liquid poetry”.
    Steve Martin
    Art collector

  14. Robert Ravastein

    Simply put, I just love someone telling me what I saw in the “Art of William Emboden” and not using all those flowery words.

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