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O.H.I.O. Ceramic Print on Wood Frame, 27 x 40 inches Ralph Stuckman

Ceramic Print on Wood Frame, 27 x 40 inches
Ralph Stuckman

Artists are the most compassionate people in the world. While others are busting their brains to try and better themselves financially, an artist has little need for the frivolous material items of the world. Not limited to the visual aspects of media, an artist can be anyone that shares their knowledge and talents in the hope that others will gain. Take the art of education, for example. When thinking back to school days, there is almost always one teacher that stands out. Not for the particular subject at hand, but by filling a questionable void to find your place, discover direction and to never be afraid of the future.

Ralph Stuckman of Celina, Ohio, is a prime example of how the art of teaching can bring hope and prosperity to students that feel they have little to offer society. Born on a farm near Bucyrus, Ohio, Ralph’s gut instinct was to follow his father’s footsteps in agriculture. However, a little prodding from his father sent him in the direction of teaching and he has never looked back.

You see, an artist does not have to settle on a particular area in order to be the best. It becomes a way of life for them through their God-given desire to share. After a three-year stint in the Marine Corps, Stuckman graduated Bowling Green State University and went on to earn a Master of Education at the University of Toledo. Next, he received his Doctorate at Ball State University. Set out with the tools of the trade, Ralph then achieved educational positions as an elementary principal, school superintendent, and then a college professor at Wright State University and Urbana University.

What is Art - A Portrait of an Educator

What is Art – A Portrait of an Educator

Artists have also been called reclusive, impatient and impulsive. This is another misnomer that goes right out the window when you think of the amount of concentration and determination required in this field. Helping one student to see a new path or presenting a subject to a group that makes their built-in light bulb go off is no different than creative a painting that delivers pause and feeling.

“I remember one student teacher that was really struggling. When I changed the assignment and she was placed under the direction of another teacher, she blossomed and went on to become an accomplished teacher,” says Stuckman.

Ralph had the insight to see that not all square-sided individuals can fit into a round hole and went that extra mile to find that creative niche for advancement. He arrived home on many occasions, wringing his hands and looking for answers. He took this worry and began molding his thoughts, literally, through clay. The touch of the earth soothed his past passion of his love of the farm, cleared his mind for new ideas to form, and awakened awareness that there are many ways to deliver a work of art.

Although retired as an educator, his love of clay continues. Evolved into creating clay prints from linoleum cuts, he searches the community for icons that best represent the passion of the area. Always educating, always creating, Stuckman delivers a mighty lesson to those that merely exist for today. Think of your community, be compassionate to others, and follow the path of wonder. Your creative instincts will take over from there.


raku plate, stuckman


          Simply summarized, Dr. Ralph Stuckman is a leader that continues to show others the true meaning of art, and he is still creating awareness for Mercer County, Ohio artists with his forefront involvement with the Lake Arts Group, formed several years ago with his endeavor “to promote the wide spectrum of art in our area and the many talented artists who live and create here.”


By Kate Eglan-Garton, Senior Feature Writer

Editor’s note: Dr. Stuckman’s print edition can be downloaded below or viewed at www.scribd.com/arttoartpalette

What is Art – A Portrait of an Educator – Ralph Stuckman – USA-Ohio

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    What a remarkable tribute to a teacher, moons ago mentor and to the point a man of gentle strength. He is a leader who drives his messages “home” via the sound of his music. Bravo Doc Stuckman!

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