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Market Lights Seattle Cityscape, oil on canvas, Robin Weiss

“Market Lights Seattle”

Robin Weiss discovered a love for Washington State while attending Olympic College, but his soul had been captured years earlier when he discovered drawing.  Today, the breathtaking scenery of the Northwest and his passion to share its beauty has brought Weiss to the status of a well-recognized professional plein-air artist.

     Originally from the Cleveland, Ohio region, Robin began drawing as a child. His first art teacher, Louis Penfield, took an interest in his desire to learn art. Soon, Robin found himself engulfed in an entirely new world. With Penfield as a mentor, he was able to see the beauty in everything around him. That ‘everything’ included Louis Penfield’s house that was built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Experiencing the atmosphere of nature becoming one with architecture was no doubt, a lesson in itself.


Ships from Weiss’s time in the US Navy, allow the audience to follow the course of Robin’s history in plein-air work. In 2006, he made the jump to the professional art world by joining the daily painter’s movement and became introduced to some great artists. Workshops and courses followed, taught by Darrell Anderson and Jim Lamb. A never ending learning process, Robin feels he will always have more to learn, both technically and in artistic interpretation.

Since 2009, Weiss has been showing and earning awards at places like Kitsap Arts and Crafts Festival, Kingston, Washington; Port Angeles Fine Art Center; Paint the Peninsula; Quick Draw; Washington State Parks Exhibition; American Art Company; and most recently, Oil Painters of America, National Exhibition, St. Augustine, Florida and First Place award at Alderbrook Plein Air Open. His exhibits are regularly shown at Alki Arts Gallery in Seattle, Carrie Goller Gallery in Poulsbo and Tsuga Gallery in Bothell.


“Valentine’s Day Seattle”

“Valentine’s Day Seattle”


Weiss’s cityscapes are particularly intriguing and filled with emotion. In “Valentine’s Day” a mixture of feelings seem to swirl from sadness to joy to contentment. His use of an array of colors, shadows and activity will keep sending you back to look for more detail; thusly, artist Weiss’s plein-air paintings offer a festive flavor of beauty that will not disappoint; in fact, go to to view an abundant display of landscapes, cityscapes, coastal as well as his abstract works. Paintings executed with the use of well-blended colors and shades which bring vivid scenes alive with eye-opening delights.


“Airstreams and Tractors”

“Airstreams and Tractors”


Every artist has a style that comes from deep within and explodes through their work. To what degree this occurs has a lot to do with whether or not the artist has found their special place. Robin seems a fitting example of how a painter can take his view of the world and is able to emphasize beyond reality. A painting of this caliber makes the viewer to continue coming back for more.


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Portrait of Robin Weiss-Washington state-1-2016

Portrait of Robin Weiss-USA-Washington state

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