Coats that hide insecurity and more


If there is an upside to winter, coats have to be at the top of the list.  How many times have you heard someone remark that they would prefer to keep their coat on?

During the 40s, the style of a woman’s outer garment was a statement of pride. To leave one’s coat on simply meant that the visit was going to be short. No guessing games, no ulterior motives, just a brief appearance. The latest fashion statement never overshadowed the practical reason for clothing. Warm material was used to break the cold and creative notions like buttons, bows and pleats were used to keep the garment feminine.

Today’s coats provide little security in style or what lies underneath. A few extra pounds, a stained blouse or even a feeling of uncertainty, are a few examples of why people cling to their coats with gusto.

If you are one of these people, at least do it with style. Still trying to figure out what today’s style is? Depending on who you talk to, no one seems to be taking the prize. The best street styles at Milan are a conglomerate of plaids, trench coats with furs and brightly colored jackets.  Visit New York and camouflage canvas still seems to be around. Vogue features black and white, Matrix, oversized and robe-styled.

However, you can rest assured that many of yesterday’s coats are still on board for style. Single-breasted wool, Herringbone, faux fur and the quilted look are still acceptable for wearing in public. The only difference may be in the shades of color. Blacks, grays, browns and bright red seem to dominate the racks at this season’s clothing stores.

Truth be known, coat styles have changed very little over the past decade. If you choose to wear last year’s coat, it keeps you warm and hides those insecurities, go for it. However, take a close look at the coats that were stylish 50 years ago.  Warm, pressed, clean and chic, insecurities seem a million miles away. Never be afraid to wear what suits your taste and your confidence level will soar.


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