Symphony in a balloon


Artistic director, Michael Haefliger, of the Lucerne festival in Lucerne, Switzerland, is credited for the idea of creating a traveling balloon that could house a concert. The idea struck him just as the cleanup for Japan’s legendary tsunami was underway.

Haefliger wanted to bring some type of peace to the area that was hardest hit by the 2011 storm and housing an orchestra, in the midst of turmoil, seemed the perfect way. Project Art Nova (

One of the most influential artists in the world, Anish Kapoor set to work with the idea and did not disappoint. Born in Bombay, India, Kapoor has spent most of his life in London. Partnering with architect Arata Isozaki, the two accepted the challenge of building a mobile inflatable concert hall. The walls of the structure are made from a stretchy plastic membrane and the shape, design and artwork were carefully created to remind the affected that the spirit of the culture would never die. Air conditioning was provided by blocks of ice and felled cedar trees made awesome seating. Patrons were allowed to put their minds at ease, even if for a short time, and listen to the comforting melodies.

While many are busy with providing staples of survival, let us never forget that we cannot lose sight of the spirit of humanity. Through artists and architects, life becomes important and worth living.

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