Give Interior Design a rest

New interior products are always hitting the market. Designers hope that the intrigue from buyers will begin a trend that will last through the next decade. Unfortunately, most products are voted down before reaching the public due to lack of interest and the high cost of manufacturing and marketing.

Before going cross-eyed over the thousands of choices in emerging products, ask yourself what is really important. More time than not, natural and simple will win. This will shorten your adventure of new products and allow your brain from exploding from TMI. Here are a few examples of new ideas that could just make it into the future.

Strap-Planter-Small     Strap Planters – created by Mimot Studio and offered by AMT,( the leather strap planter is the answer to lugging large plants around the house. Stylish and functional, leather lasts far longer than the plastics of today and are natural.

fushiontable     Fusion Tables – Remember the Beverly Hillbillies TV series? The pool table was considered a fancy dining table, complete with pot passers. The Clampett family came from a simpler time where everything had a purpose. Conserve your space or double it up for dining and recreation. Blatt Billiards ( has designs for just this purpose.

bulb     Plumen Bulb –  This is so simple that it should be embarrassing to light bulb manufacturers everywhere. Sculptured, energy-efficient and long-lasting, the Plumen bulb ( can be used with or without a shade.

Think natural, simple and practical. Keep these three words in mind when looking for ways to change your interior design and you will have more time, fewer headaches for what you really enjoy. Or use your creative senses and dream up your own ideas for what people want and need.

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