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Opening Friday, November 6, 2015 at ArtSpace in Lima, Ohio is an exhibit, “Furnishing the Suite” that will explore of the secret life of furnishings: Where did they come from? What happened along the way? Where do they end up?  The show explores the life cycle of furnishings through the imaginings of a variety of artists associated with the Columbus College of Art and Design.


Curated by Carol Griffith, Professor of Art, CCAD, the central installation exhibit explores with the parallels between the additive process of silkscreen and the additive process of furnishing your first apartment. “It is a fictionalized ‘narrative’ of my own early 80’s experience,” said educator and artist Griffith. “What struck me was that every larger piece I got for that apartment had a history and that history continued when I recycled those pieces eventually in a variety of ways.”

The ‘Griffith exhibit’ begins with an arpeggiated seven-print series of images, showing the accumulative process of silk-screening, including works by invited artists: Gordon Lee, Anita Dawson, Kathy McGhee, Michael May, Tam Peterson, Josh Jordan, Christopher Maslon, Laurie Ihlenfield, AJ Vandarelli, Chris Tennant, Adam Crum, Haeni Lee, Kyle Duncan, Victoria Lavorini, Patrice Kroutel, Ron Kroutel, Lara Nguygen, Gary Pettigrew and Josh Starcher, who are associated with CCAD, to create a work of their own which played off, as prequel or sequel, as commentary on or exegesis of Griffith’s original work.


Furnishing the Suite


“Through inviting other artists to consider creating a related artwork,” Griffith also adds, “I hope to reveal a variety of ways that time, additive processes, style and interconnectivity operate in the ordinary realms of living.”  The result is innovative, accumulative and collaborative whereas the exhibit reveals, such as if it was shown as an ‘internet flow chart’, one that not only instructs, but also stimulates; thusly, revealing layer upon layer of connections through layer upon layer of internet hyperlinks.

There will be a public reception for the artists and friends on opening night from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Ellen Nelson Gallery. For more details, call 419.222.1721 or


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