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"Just a Minute" home.

“Just a Minute” home.

Hurricanes, tsunami, floods and earthquakes seem more prevalent today than at any other time in recent history. Among the many volunteers that jump in to bring aid to those that have lost everything, are members of the art community. ‘Who can think of art at a time like this?’ an understandable question of many is posed.  However, you are about to find out that there is no other group that puts their skills to task so empathetically, especially in times of disaster.


Homes that give hurricane victims a glimmer of hope is just the beginning with this pop-up house concept that is sure to gain speed in the future. The Accordion Home is called “Just a Minute” and was designed by Barberio Colella ARC, located in Bari, Southern Italy. Each unit is equipped with solar panels and rainwater collection systems. It has three separate areas under one roof; kitchen/dining, bathroom and bedroom. Bamboo, White Juta, recycled wool, OSB panels and a waterproof membrane are the construction materials used to provide a durable enclosure. Solar panels and equipment for the bath and kitchen have to be installed once the unit is pulled apart and placed.




The house measurements are 4 X 7.11 meters when fully open and 2.5 X 4 meters during transport. Accommodating 4 to 10 people, this architectural design of fast, simple living could be a god-send to hurricane torn nations, the homeless, or any third-world nation.

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