He captures the stages of nature

“May in the Rockies”

     Some people reside close to nature and others become one with the land.  Tom Lockhart returned to native Colorado to help run a family business and began to appreciate what he had left. The majestic mountaintops, changing seasons and wild running rivers caught his attention with such intensity; he found himself pouring over books and magazines and wishing he could capture these precious sights forever.

     With the aid of workshops by watercolorist Irvine Shapiro and Lowell Ellsworth Smith as well as Ray Vinella, a well-known oil painter, Tom discovered a passion for watercolors, pastels and oils.  The scent of the oils reminded him of his grandfather that was a self-taught artist during the depression and how his natural talent had intrigued him, although crude from little training.

     It has been over 25 years since Lockhart made the decision to combine the outdoors, raw nature and self-taught skills of painting.  His love of the land comes through with many different placements of light and using the weather and seasons, yearning to be in the midst of it all.  In 1990, he was selected as “Colorado Ducks Unlimited” Artist of the Year and has placed well in several Duck stamp competitions.  Never running out of subjects or scenes of God’s great country, Tom further challenges himself with the changing back and forth from oils, pastels and watercolors, always looking to the Old Masters of the late 19th century for inspiration.

“Spring Light on Bear Mountain”

     “Spring Light on Bear Mountain” is an example of how Lockhart is able to capture the realism of landscape through colors and shadows.  Bringing not a vivid picture of altered perfection but the natural dimension of nature’s own show gives this oil painting the appreciation of harmony.“Among the Ancients” is a favorite of art lovers by layering the amazing colors left by years of wear on boulders and ancient manmade pueblos. What is hard to believe is that this piece is watercolor, difficult in focusing on light.

     When asked about his favorite type of paints, Tom leans toward the pastels although he seems to push himself harder with watercolors and the demand of precision.  “When I discovered painting in Plein-Air and painted several pieces, and many attempts at painting outdoors with watercolors, I switched to oils,” says Tom about oil.  “They were more forgiving and the weather didn’t hamper them as with the watercolors.” 

“Among the Ancients”

     Featured in many other prominent publications, such as Southwest Art Magazine and Watercolor Magazine, Tom is also very involved with private and public shows, juried exhibitions and commissions for permanent collections.  His design and painting of the wine label used by the Holy Cross Abbey Winery for their annual Harvest Festival will be an item to keep and treasure.  Lockhart was a Featured Artist in 2001 at the Nebraska Governor’s Show and won the Best of Show Telluride Plein-Air Festival Southwest Art Magazine in 2008, as well as a list of other awards and merits.

     Today Tom lives with his wife, Sandi, in Canon City, Colorado, where he maintains a gallery and studio.  His work is also displayed at Cogswell Gallery in Vail, Elkhorn Gallery in Winter Park and Wild Horse Gallery in Steamboat Springs, all in Colorado.  For more views of his work, see www.lockhartfineart.com.

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