Summer bouquet show in bloom

By Chevalier Tony Clark, Judge and Curator

As our nation recovers from all the waters of winter, the warmth of the summer sun is most welcome. This exhibition, “Solar Spectrum” opens Tuesday, June 9 to the public and on  Thursday, June 11, 2015, the Opening Reception is from 7:00-900 pm at M D Gallery, located at 7952 West 3rd Street in Los Angeles, California. The show will also be featured at LarkGallery Online, which also was an open call for artists. It is with pride I present their perspectives and various talents.


“Molokai Maidens” by Felice Willat, photography, 20 x 13 inches, 2014.

“Molokai Maidens” by Felice Willat, photography, 20 x 13 inches, 2014.


     Ms. Willat’s reflections in the waters give us solace in the meditative and comfort that only nature combined can provide. Morning or evening, we receive the negative icons of the sea. Her photography captures the essence that was portrayed by Edvard Munch in oil and Léon Spilliaert in pastel.


“Bed of Flowers” by John Waiblinger, digital art, 16" x 10.75 inches, 2013.

“Bed of Flowers” by John Waiblinger, digital art, 16″ x 10.75 inches, 2013.


     We find comfort in the shadows and the shades of the sun. Finally, we can go back to nature as in John Waiblinger restful images of basking in the summer glow.


“Sun Day” by Lucie Hinden, acrylic and collage on Paper,  23.75" x 30.25 inches, 2013.

“Sun Day” by Lucie Hinden, acrylic and collage on Paper, 23.75″ x 30.25 inches, 2013.

     The colors and spirits always lighten our spirits. Even the objects designed to protect us and for which we play in the sun gives a sense of joy. In Lucie Hinden’s shades we find fun and mystery that awaits us under her montage of umbrellas.


“Crushed” by Dan Pyle, charcoal, 22" x 18 inches, 2014.

“Crushed” by Dan Pyle, charcoal, 22″ x 18 inches, 2014.


     The sun was a god to the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. It was depicted and praised in many glyphs and murals. Dan Pyle re-interprets the sun in crushed cans. They still have their reflection and are a symbol of recycling that we must do all year long. His drawings are without par and always carry a message.   It is the necessity as it exists in all of nature.

     There is an underlying lesson and responsibility. We all have to preserve our environment even on vacation. Many of us collect sea shells to remember and bring a little bit of that joy home with us.


 “X-108” by J. Natasha Kostan, mixed media on canvas, 12" x 12 inches, 2015.

“X-108” by J. Natasha Kostan, mixed media on canvas, 12″ x 12 inches, 2015.


     While artists like J. Natasha Kostan finds art where every she happens to be and recreates memories in a great tradition of Les Objects Trouvees, her sophisticated arts background echoes great artists like Kurt Schwitters. Kostan successfully integrates the word, the font, media and image in masterful compositions.

     Ultimately, as in life, we return to the sea.


  “Genesis 1:1 – Fragment 8” by Dmitry Demchenko, photography, 44.4" x 66.7 inches, 2015.

“Genesis 1:1 – Fragment 8” by Dmitry Demchenko, photography, 44.4″ x 66.7 inches, 2015.


     All life originated in the sea. Dmitry Demchenko lyrically envelops us back into the waves of the ocean. His photography captures the essence of Mother Nature’s greatest gift. Chemically speaking we are closer to sea water than any else. It is truly the last frontier and one that we must protect.

     “Solar Spectrum” officially opens  on Tuesday, June 9 to the general public and stays on view through July 9, 2015. The following is the complete listing of winners and works to be on view:

1st: Felice Willat – Molokai Maidens and Mountain Dunes

2nd: Lucie Hinden – Sun Day and Lunch At The Museum

3rd: Dan Pyle – Crush and Bright Ideas

Dimitry Demchenko – Genesis: 1:1 – Fragment 8

J. Natasha Kostan – X-107 and X-108

Jane Serebrenikov – Dream, Tenderness

Galina Kovshilovsky- The Comet Following Us

John Waiblinger – Bed of Flowers

Thomas Myrdahl – Global Partnership

Elisabeth Parent – Boat

Mark Pol – Space inside and Outside the Limits

Linda Kunik – Things – Fall Apart #1009

Jenik Cook – Flower Vase Blooming, Summer Day

Shula Arbel – Pixel #3

Olesya Volk. – Heavens

Lana Sokoloff – Bounced

Kathryn Donatelli – Pears, Red and Gold

     For more information, contact MD Gallery at 310.795.4768 or see for their current and upcoming programming. In addition, for LarkGallery OnLine, see: for current visual and performing arts competitions, including their forthcoming programming. Also, you are welcomed to contact the following LGO officials: Eva 310.795.4768) or Lark 310.473.0890.


About the Judge and Curator

tony clarkRaised in Montecito, California, Tony Clark was born to cultured Norwegian parents, where he accompanied his parents to classical music concerts and ballet.

      He learned at a very early age the significance of visual and performing arts; thusly, a life that has embraced him for more than five decades which molded him to become a master of dance, choreography, music and visual arts.

      If not the latter, he earned the award of knighthood as Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government for helping to keep the French arts alive, he is also constantly on the go and involved in the arts in his Los Angeles region.

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  1. William Emboden

    Lark Gallery OnLine always brings a great diversity of talent and artists. This is a fine selection and I look forward to seeing the works in person.
    Bravo! William A Emboden PhD, F.L.S.

  2. GreenwichVillage Quinn

    LarkGallery and its staff has delivered another show of exceptional Gold Coast artistic minds.

  3. You reported it all for LarkGallery OnLine in this beautiful article and you did great selection for LarkGallery’s “Solar Spectrum” show. I cannot wait to see it on view in persona at MD Gallery! Larisa

  4. I am delighted to be part of this exhibit and I especially extend my gratitude to Lark Gallery OnLine and staff, including Tony Clark for having put together a varied and interesting show.

  5. Thanks for the nice words. Looking forward to being a part of this show. It looks like I am in good company and I am anxious to see the other artists works in person.

  6. Dave Gardner

    This looks like another wonderful and inspiring show. I have seen many of these artists works over the years and look forward to their new pieces of art. LarkGallery always put on a first class show and I look forward to this

  7. DC Curator Sara James

    I was introduced to this show at LarkGallery OnLine by this media’s editor. I am not a judge, but I was quite impressed with works that spoke to me such as by Jane Goren’s “Ininuendo” – a real conversational piece; Dan Pyle’s.”Retrospect” – not to sound corny, but it certainly was eye-catching exceptional work; Kathryn Donatelli’s “Pears Red and Gold” – just ‘delicous’ to my whole being; Leonard Spunt’s Cosmic Birth 2 is a YES and I got a spot for that work in my heaven on earth; and in the most part, I can see that LarkGallery is following its founding ‘yellow brick road’ Mission I read in its About and taking with them an extensive group of visual and performing artists.

  8. Dmitrij Zinovjev

    Absolutely wonderful! Very good selection of artists and works, which are presenting amazing virtuosity and diversity of forms, technical discoveries and conceptual innovations, including the elegance of poetic visions and powerful emotional impulses.Dmitrij Zinovjev –

  9. Thank you Sara James for that lovely review, short but full of flavor.

    Editor’s note: Your response to Sara reminded me of Ralph Waldo Emerson words, “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”
    One thing I know about Sara is that she will deliver when called up in the time she has and in the time it takes. She stepped up to the plate for me for LarkGallery OnLine and its staff; therefore she wrote not only from an expert view, but emitted the heartfelt emotion I found in Zig Ziglar’s words: “You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.”
    By the way, a huge congratulation for your Best in Show from the California Art League summer exhibition. I and others have viewed your works online; personally they made my eyes smile, my hearing go back 40 years and dance to the “Summer of ‘42″ with Peter Nero at the ivories, and today, “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. I laud you Kathryn ( for taking your artisitic gift, hone it to a percision of perfection and raise it up to the Supreme.

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