Artist’s works ’sirs’ with inner pulse

Artist's works sirs with inner pulse 01-11-15


While living in Russia, Padrick Bentley became immersed in the sights, sounds, history, myths and legends. Like the fabled Prince, he brought back with him the magical feather of the Firebird. His attempt to bring harmony to the discord of our age is steeped in revolutionary traditions.

     Artist Bentley says about his artistic process, “I work at the intersection of two mediums – paint and digital. The works are complementary; the digital work is born from the paintings. The paintings are the visual representation of mind and the Noise, an aesthetic born out of the conflict between the two diametrically opposed forces expressed through color, texture and movement.”

     His Glitch paintings have an inner pulse like Stravinsky’s Sacre Du Printemps with his “wish” is to open our eyes and senses to the world around us and join him in bringing about peaceful change. The only confrontation is done by his pallet knife and pigments as he attacks his canvases.

     Bentley’s method is different, but Kandinsky’s influence is clearly witnessed in his lyrical approach to composition and in his spectrum of colors. Camus’ rationale helps create his assembled order.

     Born 1981 in Lubbock, Texas, Padrick Bentley says, “Each painting is an experiential development, there is no goal at the outset, each piece uniquely evolves over the course of several months as layer dries upon layer, square and line over square and line, and the colors and textures dictate the subsequent steps, a deconstructed, pixelated experience.” Beneath it all, according to the artist, “the photoluminescent pigments fluoresce in the presence of 365nm waves of light which give the background of each piece its own unique light only able to be seen under the right conditions.”

     At first you might be overcome with the intensity of each work as I did, but hopefully you will be absorbed by the beauty and the messages within. Bentley says, “The paintings are the expression/experience of finding purpose and truth in the digital circumstances of today.” In more depth, he further expresses, “I feel we’re faced with an overwhelming amount of data we must consume to stay relevant, whether that be socially or in the workplace. We’re manipulated and homogenized by this necessity for consumption and increasingly alienated from ourselves. There is a distancing effect on our humanity as we more and more experience life digitally.”

     I found nothing to be passive because I could immensely tell that each work was created out of passion; thusly as I did, to witness his works in person was an emotional experience, one viewers will also find themselves in a sea of profoundness.

     If you are fortunate enough to have one of his works gracing the walls in your special worlds, I can guarantee the environment of that place will be changed because each painting and GIF video is harnessed energy.

     You are invited to attend the Artist’s Reception on Thursday, February 5, 2015 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at the MD Art Studio at 7952 West Third Street in Los Angeles, California. The exhibition officially opens to the public on Friday, February 6 and stays on view through March 1, 2015.

     Come take a journey with me into Artist Bentley’s reconstructed worlds that he deconstructs and gives them new order. I take much pride in the curating of this unique perspective and new dimensions in the Visual Arts.

     For more information and insight of the artist, see

Chevalier Tony Clark Review

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13 Comments for “Artist’s works ’sirs’ with inner pulse”

  1. NewarkNed

    I must say I am completely intrigued on the artist’s why and how conception of his works shown, but also those subject works on his website. I find the latter to speak loudly and awakening viewers to follow his ‘yellow brick road’ platform.

  2. LaurenWoodholly

    Enjoyed your magazine feature as much as your works of art.

  3. Dmitrij

    Tony, congratulations!!! I liked Mr. Bentley works. You cant imagine how HOT & PULSATING these colors are in the Latvian very grey, humid and cold day…

  4. This guy sure seems to love The square shape. Every painting is basically a different mass of colors depicting….well, squares. Different colored squares. If you want to try and read more into that, then be my guest, but you’re kidding yourself. So, apparently “squares” are a way of getting at the emotional truth behind the digital age? I can’t get over what a complete load of bullshit this is. You could paint triangles or (expletive removed) circles and say the exact same thing. What a fraud. (Expletive removed)Squares!!!??

  5. CamelCoastPainter

    I am looking forward to seeing Padrick’s “squares” and if he should have any “circles” as mention in another post – I suspect I will be able to attach an “emotional truth” to what the artist has conveyed. As the sayings go, “Different strokes for different folks” ; “There is a lid for every pot” ; “Opinions are like assholes; everyone has one”; “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”; or borrowing words by West Coast Artist-Educator William Emboden, ““Art is the poetry that needs no translation or words. It should perplex and leave one with questions or it is too facile. . .”

  6. Dr Emboden

    I found Chevalier Clark’s article on Bentley’s paintings to reveal true erudition with respect to contemporary art.

  7. J. Morgan

    Tony Clark reveals his knowledge of art history in his article on Mr. Bentley’s artistry. Malevitch is a clear influence also. Recall the enormous criticism of Malevitch and his destractors at the time of his homage to the square.

  8. Janice Gardner

    I am always informed by reading the Tony Clark Report’s articles on art and artists. I believe that he has circled the square in his latest critique of Padrick Bentley’s art. I look forward to seeing the exhibition in person.

  9. Art Swartz

    Bentley’s paintings are profound expressions of social conscientiousness in contemporary society and the art world.

  10. Amy van Heslingberg

    It was a pleasure to learn of the painting of Padrick Bentley an artist only known to me as having the largest Twitter following. Herr Clark articulated the works in his writing and I look forward to meeting the artist in person at the open February 5th.

  11. Rob Roth

    A sane artist for a change. This man brings order to the world.

  12. Jeremy Brinks

    Besides the bold colors I am moved by the message behind the paintings.

  13. Sue Elder

    The .GIF’s brought it all to life for me. Now I can really appreciate the paintings and their composition.

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