Time Evolution in Dance


Threshold with Chad Michael Hall.

Threshold with Chad Michael Hall.

Breaking the shackles of labels MXD does not conform to norm. The artistic director and choreographer Chad Michael Hall does a pas de deux with his lighting director Johnny Garofalo to great gut wrenching moments to monumental tableaux. John using light like Caravaggio used varnishes to capture the mood and emotions of Hall’s choreography. Just seeing the CMA’s the night before, I realized that performances are on the threshold of a new dimension and the lighting designers have become full partners in these realizations.


Jull Weber dancing his solo. Photo by David Gardner.

Jull Weber dancing his solo. Photo by David Gardner.

The troupe is as diverse as the moments they execute. From local barrios to international dancers, this talent comes together to create a professional experience of dance theatre.

Each work is diverse as the company members that include Trans to Gays to Mommies-to-be, however, the dance does not express sexual orientation; moreover, a fine storytelling of the global situation.

In doing so, MXD removes itself from Contemporary Dance to be more of an interrupter of our time with a historical reference. Technically classical training is the core of the company.

Dangerous Affairs with Leanne Lacovetta.

Dangerous Affairs with Leanne Lacovetta.

Each dancer is introduced with their own solo and a video that runs on the screen behind them. Above in Dangerous Affairs, traffic cones take on lives and a modern day Medea Leanne Lacovetta tries to save one until a very poignant death. 

At the top,  Artistic Director Hall takes us into his private world with Threshold. It is an autographical situation, its struggle and resolution is extremely powerful.

Between Earth and Heaven with Charlotte Katherine.

Between Earth and Heaven with Charlotte Katherine.

And finally, the new work, Between Earth and Heaven is bathed in the light of The Renaissance as Charlotte Katherine brings the organic earth bound beings to life; thusly, she is transformed as she leaves this earth to become a heavenly body.

Go to www.multiplexdance.org to see more of their images, videos and upcoming events. Editor’s note: Your financial support of this rising star performing arts company provides a longevity of high quality artistic and educational entertainment at modest ticket prices.


Review and other photos by Tony Clark,

Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres

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7 Comments for “Time Evolution in Dance”

  1. The performance was magical. At first I wanted more light until I realized it was an important part of the excellent performance. Artists moved in and out of the light creating a wonderful and exciting dance. I love Chads talent in pulling such performances out of his dancers.

  2. GreewichVoice

    Dear Chad and especially the performers,
    Howard Schultz said, “I think if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got to dream big and then dream bigger.” When can I expect to hear your company sing “New York, New York…”
    NYC Anthony

  3. EspañolMiamite

    I was there Mr. Clark and undoubtedly, like you, I found the ‘Performing Hall Family’ to move those toned bodies not only rhythmically to the music, but also tell the story nonverbally with high society ethics. Bravo!

  4. I am truly honored by this spotlight- Thank you Chevalier Clark! And for the comments here, again thank you 🙂 We are working intensively to bring a new vision to life and to light- and we are dreaming big. My vision for MULTIPLEX DANCE is tour nationally and internationally– NYC Anthony, you will see us in NY in January of 2016 if not before!! As for our next move, I’d love for you all to come see us at the Bootleg Theatre in LA Feb 19-22, 2015. We are so excited to be a part of “Pentacle Presents Home Grown @ Bootleg” and we will present our newest works “subSTRATA” and “Between Earth and Heaven”
    Thanks again to everyone here!

  5. Donny G

    What a talented group of dancers!!! Can’t wait to see more from Chad Michael Hall and his dancers. Always a treat to see such a fresh, different and beautiful dancing. Gomezdonny@hotmail.com

  6. I enjoy immensely good live productions because once I am mentally tuned into the theme, I ‘fly’ with them just like that nun. Great work is also a timeless gift.

  7. njtom1978

    Oddly, sometimes when one misses their “boat” aka failed to book a connecting flight, as part of the saying goes…”…light at the end of the tunnel…” led me to as Art Critic Clark wrote, “…a fine storytelling of the global situation” performance off ‘LA Broadway’ – which was all what they other have commented on and about.
    Keep up the good….VERY GREAT work and see if you can move things up a year and debut in 2015 on my coast.

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