The Poetry of Hollywood

Photography by Erik Fischer entitled Dancing Boys.

Photography by Erik Fischer entitled Dancing Boys.

With all its glamour and that harmonic pulse that keeps Tinse town alive and even to this day, it still remains a mystery since its lofty beginning in 1870. Through the lenses of professionals, The Perfect Exposure Gallery will open “Poetic Perspectives: An Exhibition of Hollywood Photographers” in a group show on Thursday, April 10, from 6:00-9:00 pm.

     Viewers will have the opportunity to step back in time as they let their eyes feast upon the behind scenes of Hollywood once ago as well as many of these dreamlike moments have also been recorded in “Hollywood. PL.” — a current book by cinematographer Jacek Laskus. The close of the exhibition will be with a Book Signing Reception for Mr. Laskus on Thursday, May 1, 2014, from 6:00-9:00 pm.

      The sounds and music date back to the Golden Age of Jazz as portrayed by the Legends of Jazz series by Bob Barry with his portrait of Ernie Andrews.

     Hollywood life has gone to the dogs as they are chauffeured between the lots by Greg Cohen.

Photography by Stathis Orphanos of Gore Vidal.

Photography by Stathis Orphanos of Gore Vidal.

     However, there is an underbelly to this town that is not all glamour, but like a ghost that displays tend to decay and assume another role like actors by Sally Ann Field.

     The film industry has shaped not only our minds and perception, but also the artistry of the Hollywood photographer. Wherever they go, their creative lobes are forever influenced by the “reality” and the lives that they have lead while living in Hollywood. Now their cameras become the pens with which they write their poetry. Sometimes it takes the form of a sonnet by Steven Fierberg.

     Surrealistic moments arise out of a crowd like Homage to Magritte by Fred Licht.

     Other times the lights are out and isolation is the only glow, as seen through the eye of Arturo Castillo

Photography by Sally Ann Field.

Photography by Sally Ann Field.

   Frank Lloyd Wright built historic structures like the famed Hollyhock House immortalized in a photo essay book by Carol Bishop. It reflects its environment and plays off of the organic beauty of small mountains that rise from the glitter. One will find that nature is always playing a lullaby in the background as seen by stillife by Anthony De Santis.

     We have always survived on the icons of literature and celluloid like Gore Vidal by Stathis Orphanos and multi-faceted actors like Sir Ian McKellen by Tim Courtney

     Lights, Camera, Action is the norm. To be an artist in Hollywood is very much like being an artist such as in Paris. You become one of them like most young performers, who come to this ‘Hollywood Mecca’ to find fame as well as fortune, dancing as fast as they can. Scenes from Westside Story come to life in the alleys daily by Erik Fischer.

Photography by Joshua Triliegi.

Photography by Joshua Triliegi.

        Although, many of the movie houses have closed or became Private Party Clubs, like those of Joshua Triliegi, but regardless behind the velvet rope is truly where one’s fate awaits as told by these photographers, who have captured scenes of life in Hollywood, including their perspectives from around the globe as they all have been graduated from the ‘Motion Picture Jungle’.


Anita Rosenberg Cine De Cuba

Photography by Anita Rosenberg.


    Don’t sit at home and let Netflix or home movies make your night; moreover, find a classic old Classic as Anita Rosenberg’s “Cine De Cuba”  or new cinema to join others to enjoy the magical sights and sounds that have been created for you in a place called Hollywood at the Perfect Exposure Galley, located at 3516 West 6th Street in Los Angeles, and for more information contact Gallery Director Thea Stevenson at 213.381.1137 or visit –  

Curated and Review by Tony Clark, Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

Editor’s note: The Poetry of Hollywood digital print can be found in AAPJ’s library at

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  1. Michael Chill

    What a wonderful description of the Hollywood that once was and apparently still is. And, a gentle and beautiful admonishment to those of us to take advantage of what is in our backyards…
    Thank you Mr. Clark.

  2. Am very excited for this exhibition. Tony, Arturo and myself had this idea and put it together. Tony curated and we found this terrific venue of Perfect Exposure. Hope to see you all at the opening April 10th.

  3. Can’t wait for the opening!

  4. Fame, fortune, and the underbelly– The Hollywood “reality” continues to influence LA artists across mediums– “…dancing as fast as they can.” Looking forward to this Chevalier Clark!

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