Faithfulness of true love

bridegroom tom and shane

“Bridegroom” is a new documentary telling the tragic love story of Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom. The film, produced and directed by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, is about same-sex marriage, won the Audience Awards for Best Documentary at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, the 2013 Toronto Inside Out Festival and the 2013 Little Rock Film Festival as well as Outstanding Documentary Feature at the 2013 Outfest in LA.

NETFLIX POSTER      “Tom and Shane were each other’s first and only loves. They are devoted, hardworking, unassuming and funny. Each is from a small town and each, in his own way, is imbued with the best kind of small town values,” said Bloodworth-Thomason.  “They are, in fact, the sort of young people who hold within themselves the promise of America. And that is why I want to bring to life, on film, this real life Romeo and Romeo-so that all who condemn them, might come face to face with exactly what it is they are opposing.”

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Editor’s note: I cannot place enough emphasis of my encouragement to view “Bridegroom” in a commercial-free setting, such as Netflix, movie theater… but be prepared for an emotional roller coast because if you have read “How Do I Love Thee?” (Sonnet 43) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, her words will be visually felt…completely. I must admit the part where Shane was not accepted because of a legal issue and then at another turn of event, left my parental side deeply sadden if  I was faced with a similar situation, however there is one thing I would never do, being, cut off my connection to the living earthly lifeline that made my child soar in success and happiness, regardless of race, creed or gender preferences.


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  1. Midwest Mike

    If I was the authority in rating movies, I would give “Bridegroom” all the stars in the universe.

  2. Chevalier Tony Clark

    Linda Bloodworth-Thomas has made a poignant and timely masterpiece.

  3. Jim Emanuek

    Breaks my heart but hearts can heal.Loss cannot be undone.

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