OH: Troy

WHERE: Troy-Hayner Cultural Center.

WHEN: On view through Sunday, September 22, 2013.

Uncommon Grace

By Bill Danzig.

By Bill Danzig.

     Bill Danzig of Dayton, Ohio creates water base clay sculptures in the classical style of the human face, full figures and individual studies of parts of the body. His goal with faces is to depict the emotional feelings of the person, but he is not interested in the pretty face; moreover, in the real person and their emotions.    

Oil and watercolor by Rusty Harden.
Oil and watercolor by Rusty Harden.

     Trotwood, Ohio’s Rusty Harden is showing two different series of her water media painting, with the first group of paintings from her “Fallen” series of micro landscapes of fallen blooms, leaves, acorns and twigs. The second series is from her realistic painting of minerals in their uncut and unpolished state. 

by doug mclarty
By Doug McLarty.

     Doug McLarty of Xenia, Ohio is exhibiting his botanical photography designs of unusual floral combinations and whimsical creations. The pictures (scanographs) are not taken with a camera, but are a modified scanning process, which provides a softly rounded light that adds to the 3-dimensional feel of the work.

MORE DETAILS: Call 937.339.0457 or www.troyhayner.org.


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