NY: Kingston

"Happiness-Bhutan" by Yale Epstein.

“Happiness-Bhutan” by Yale Epstein.

WHERE: Arts Society of Kingston.

WHEN: A dual exhibition opens Saturday, September 7, from 5:00-8:00 pm and on view through September 28, 2013.

TITLE: Photography by Yale Epstein and In the Forest: A Members’ Exhibition

BRIEF ABOUT: In the Lounge Gallery, works by artist Yale Epstein, who is a native of New Haven, Connecticut; he has studied art, lived and worked in New York City until 1988, when he relocated to Woodstock, New York. 

In the Forest Members Show by Janet Gunderson.

In the Forest Members Show by Janet Gunderson.

    Epstein has had 53 solo exhibitions in galleries in the US, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, and was invited to exhibit in several significant international exhibitions, including those in Basel, Florence, Cracow, Maastricht and Hong Kong. In addition to several galleries in the New York area, Chicago, Boston, Chapel Hill and Miami, his work has been exhibited at Avery Fisher Hall Lincoln Center, the Bronx Museum of Art, Brooklyn College, the Brooklyn Museum, the Hudson River Museum, Marymount College, the National Arts Club, the National Academy of Design, New York City Community College and New York University’s Loeb Center and the University of Hawaii.

     “I trust imagination and intuition, and am fascinated with process. The art that I do always involves an interaction between the evolving work and me. It is conversation that is at times quiet and civil, at other times a screaming match.

     My paintings often begin directly on the canvas, or as overlays of transparent Monoprints made from metal or plexiglass plates on my etching press. To these I might add loose washes of oil, acrylic colors, or layers of pastel. Shapes and impressions emerge.

     In further developing the work, I might incorporate dry pigments, inks, wax, dyes, collage, marble dust, graphite, colored pencils, adding more transparent or opaque color, or whatever else the piece seems to be asking for.

     I will use my fingers as well as brushes and other mark-producing tools in the process. I might finish the work with wax or varnish. While this approach to creating art is extremely personal, it is mediated by a lifetime of involvement with the visual legacy of the past, as well as of contemporary culture.

     My hope is that my most successful works will have personal resonance with those who will view them. My prints are hands-on creations, far different from Glicee’, or other such reproductions.

     Each work in the portfolio was executed by me personally, sometimes assisted by a master printer. I created the plates individually, and printed them in several color stages, from one or more matrices, using etching or lithographic inks. They are on all-rag paper, in edition sizes of 15 up to 92,” writes Yale Epstein.

     Artist Epstein’s work can be found in public collections, including the Albright-Knox Gallery, the Biblioteque’ National Paris, the Brooklyn Museum,  China International Trade Center, Beijing, the Pew Charitable Trust, the City of Chicago, US State Department, the Library of Congress and Yale University. In addition, he has completed numerous commissioned works in the United States, China and Taiwan, and also is in the collections of over 70 major domestic and international corporations and private collections.

MORE DETAILS: Call 845.338.0331 or www.askforarts.org.

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