A ‘Picasso’ memorable event

2013 Hollywood Arts Council Children's Art Festival at Paramount Studios

The Hollywood Arts Council brought the diversity of Arts and a melting pot of culture to friends and families alike at the 28th Annual Children’s Festival of the Arts at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, where these same Paramount gates opened for Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard.

     The Hollywood Arts Council also engaged Visual and Performing Artists from the entire spectrum to show the children the wonders of the Arts. In addition, there were classes and mini-workshops that gave the children the opportunity to let their creativity flow. As David Hockney once said, “The urge to draw must be quite deep within us because children love to do it.”

2013 Hollywood Arts Council Children's Art Festival at Paramount Studios

     The children spend the day drawing, making masks, puppets, kites, drums and numerous other projects, as well as watched a full spectrum of performing artists display their talents in dance, song, puppetry, many other forms of expression and ethic traditions on stage. Those featured were child stars from Nickelodeon and the Disney Productions, including the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir, Lyte Dance Studio Hip Hop, Stunt Kids of Hollywood, Lac Hong Vietnamese Dance, Jim Gamble Puppet Productions, Magician Arty Loon and Plaza de la Raza Folklorico Ensemble.  Additionally, there was a stage that had Live Music bands that keep the pulse of the Festival alive from the opening until the last child left.

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     Don Campbell, a world-renowned authority on the transformative power of listening and music, and author of The Mozart Effect® for Children said, “Kindermusik provides the sound nutrition to improve movement, listening, and expression in young children. Through activities and music making, skills for parents and children alike create inroads for the great orchestration of a family’s hearts and minds.”

     The joy in the children’s eyes and their creations were inspiring to us all.

tony clarkFrom Tony Clark, Trustee of the Hollywood Arts Council,

Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.



hollywood arts council logo     The Hollywood Arts Council is devoted to bring the Arts into the schools of Hollywood and any venue possible to inspire, expose and teach children the doors that The Arts can open for them and enrich their lives. To learn more about this wonderful organization that is stepping up with the life lasting gifts of creativity please look at the link and join www.hollywoodartscouncil.org or to HAC on Facebook. 



 Photos by Bob Delgadillo and Arturo Castillo.

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  1. Nancy J Brown

    Wonderful write-up on a wonderful event! And the photos captured the essence of the day! What a great day!

  2. Great article and photos! It was a lovely event this year.

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