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In the complexity of today’s world, we often scan a picture and miss the most crucial parts, but there is Dan Pyle, who has an eye that can scan any scene and transform it into a paradox of richness, so others can share what a photograph often misses. His work will not allow viewers to take a quick glance; moreover, draws their emotions into the relevance of the beauty, lost over time in a too fast, too much society.

Born not only with a unique talent, however the term ‘natural born artist’ fits him to a tee.  To say that Dan is a photorealist charcoal artist is an incomplete description of what his works deliver. Drawing since a youngster, Pyle has never had any type of formal art training.  Turning away advice to study the history, techniques and different mediums; he finds it more advantageous to learn through trial and error.  His hobby, of sorts, turns the most talented in the art world green with envy.

"A Well Rounded Man"

“A Well Rounded Man”

Pyle studied ballet at Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle, Washington, his home state, and quickly became a talented dancer.  His dancing career landed him in West Hollywood, California, where he resides today.  The study of dance encouraged Dan to intertwine his drawing and the human body.  The form and vivid detail of anatomy, plus the emotion of body language are clearly defined.  The absence of color is barely noticeable in the mesmerizing use of shadows and contrast in his piece “Betrayal”.  You can feel the arm muscles pulsating under the scrutinizing glare of the accusing facial features.  This is an amazing example of the human body, at its finest.

About 10 years ago, Dan decided to begin a collection of work and create a website, announcing what onlookers coined as professional.  He began shows in 2008, in the Continuum Gallery in Palm Springs as well as other surrounding galleries.  Since then, artist Pyle has had the opportunity to produce pieces for interested art lovers.  The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas is prominent with his work, purchased by a developer of the project.



Although experimenting with different media of paints has been part of Pyle’s growing process, he always returns to charcoal as his favorite form of media.  Recently, as an alternative to large displays, he has been creating smaller versions and placing on wood.  The flow of the wood grain gives a unique rippling effect to an already dynamite sense of movement.

Dan has different subjects that he also entertains, all with simplistic clarity.  “Dial Up” is an 8 x 10 inch charcoal on wood that reminds us all of a more non-complicated time.  His 23 x 38 inch “Joyride” is matted/framed, charcoal/chalk pastel that depicts a passionate time when enjoying a summer breeze, while touring the roads, was enough for happiness.  As one gallery manager, David Galgano of Hamilton-Selway Fine Art, shared with Dan, “There isn’t anything that you cannot draw,” and these words have become a mantra for Pyle to follow.

"Eye Shadows"

“Eye Shadows”

To discover more on this artist, go to for a large display of his collections.  His work is also featured at online galleries such as,  based in New York and in London.

Dan Pyle has an inner focus on what most people fail to see in everyday life.  By sharing his perspective of how simple is beautiful; using shadows, negative space and contrast; the absent simplicity of beauty is regained in a powerful way; thusly, giving viewers a realization of just how precious the most mundane in human life can be.


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portrait of Dan Pyle

Dan Pyle, United States, California, Simple is Beautiful, Portrait of Dan Pyle - 8-2013, Art-to-Art Palette Journal.

Dan Pyle, United States, California, Simple is Beautiful, Portrait of Dan Pyle – 8-2013, Art-to-Art Palette Journal.


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