Sam´s book is a chef´s palette

     I find it amazing how several hefty handfuls of wheat grains can take on other visual forms in a variety as food staples, especially breads. I find it amazing how hands of mankind when anointed with their touch; the outcome multiplies, thusly producing a thought of ´inquiring minds want to know´ while at the same time energizing our human brain waves to follow one´s standard route of exploration: Through the lips, over the mountain, and down the valley. Sam Sidawi´s book, “My Rustic Sandwiches” is a Bo Derek on all scales that ranks from a one to the Best in Show – a 10 juried evaluation. His book is inexplicably a pleasure trip for the sensory glands.

     Although I have not participated in a direct exploration taste of one of Sam´s creations, his ingredients are well-known to me from previous culinary trips; they do not crush the deliciousness of artisan breads. I find the word like, mouthwatering, would be an understatement that does not adjectively provide an earnest evaluation; of course, awesome, a Ten or simply a want to do it all over again because from an academic as well as from an artistic viewpoint, I remain confident droves of others will agree with me that Sam´s sandwiches explode with savvy sensory growls.

     Like works of art, everyone has their preferred choices – those acquired that come from an active viewing, forming the foundation of what we know will fit, a blend with the assurance of no dissatisfaction. Some of Sam´s cuisines which have raised my mouth water table to flood stage, range from his ‘Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap with Shaved Parmesan Cheese’. I can see it as a definite lunch selection.

     On the other hand, I find myself in the early afternoon making an outside cafe stop, after viewing an exhibit with my wife at the Musee d´ Orsay, and ordering Chef Sidawi´s ‘Camembert Cheese on Baguette’ with a tall glass of a chilled white Zinfandel of blended exotic fruits to hold me over for when one of his hot delights, ‘Burger au Poivre with Porteenie Mushroom on Sesame Kaiser Bread’ makes its debut. This one will reign as the star of the main course served to friends that evening in my ´Cro-Magnon´ retreatment center aka Man Cave, a place where Minnesota Fats would go totally eight-balled over the size of the billiard table, a place where Ted Danson would roar with cheers of delight, and a domain where the entertainment activities include not only the sounds and sights from the roll the dice, cards shuffling, darts as they plunge, but also the audio joys of fun times of fellowship in an action.

     Undoubtedly to me, “My Rustic Sandwiches” is a book that will get you going to create one of Sam´s look-alikes; moreover, a book, aside from a teaching artisan bread aspects and packaged like a classy art gallery, it comes chalked with recipes as well as scrupulous visual aids. It is a book that also overwhelms with creative culinary inspiration. This book supports ´I can do it´ and you really don´t have to be a Sam Sidawi in the kitchen.

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Review by Ben Rayman

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