‘War boy’ story needs told on the big screen

     There is no surrealism in my findings in this Holocaust survivor’s life, other than the word or a form of it has been used so many times in this book; I began to choke! Ivan Z. Gabor’s autobiography as told to and written by Jeffrey Beal, “Echoes of My Footsteps” became, on one hand a page turner for me because I skipped over some parts – constant layers of what a reader knows is next, but Beal has to tell every little twist, turn and thought. I don’t want to read a textbook.

     I suspect on the other hand as Ivan told his story, such as after being spared from firing squad (Page 80), the safe haven they fled to secure their war-hunger bodies, and then the food discovery, regardless of it being cake batter, I cannot imagine a young boy, a seven-month with child woman, and an old woman debating on the cooking process: “By unanimous proclamation we committed ourselves to enduring the baking process.” (Page 85) Too many “cake layers” and there is much more of it throughout the book.

 echoes_of_my_footsteps    There is no doubt in my mind that Ivan was not spared by luck. The day will come when he will know the truth, but what I also know is that he is a real life Holocaust survivor, and comparable to accounting procedures, Beal has successfully detailed every ‘finger-licking’ action leading up to the outcome.

     What Gabor has endured in his boyhood days by the leadership of that torturous slim that slaughtered so many of God’s children – a horrendous tragedy does not even come close as a label. However, what comes in Gabor’s future journeys, although much more different ups and downs, I suspect Ivan, the man in 1963 could have easily attested that his Father’s excerpted words from a letter, meant for a boy of 13 then, “…I hope that God will keep you healthy and happy for many years to come,” has undoubtedly been proven.

      Further in my evaluation, I did enjoy the flip-flop from past to Miami – it kept me inhaling the Beal-Gabor huge bumper crop of thoughts. Frankly, I have this itching feeling, “Echoes of My Footsteps” could be another “Katie Morosky-Hubbell Gardner” big screen smash.

Review by Ben Rayman

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