OH: Greenville

starkley, narcissusWHERE: Bear’s Mill.

WHEN: On view Saturday, May 31 through June 2013. Note: An artists’ reception will be from 6:00-9:00 pm, including an artist’s talk as well as light refreshments.

TITLE: Art At The Mill

BRIEF ABOUT: One of a kind hand-pulled prints plus pastel paintings by Bellbrook, Ohio resident Andrea Starkey and wood-fired clay vessels created by Patrick Rademaker of Louisville, Kentucky.

     Starkey’s atmospheric nature-inspired paintings utilize layering to explore the effects of light on the landscapes she creates on canvas. “I attempt to capture similar imagery in printmaking, although the process is much more complex, requiring hours of planning, carving, inking and pulling multiple impressions to achieve a satisfying result,” says the artist.

 Rademaker, Vase    Rademaker works in a style that keeps him physically involved in all aspects of the development of his wood-fired creations. He formulates his own clay and builds his own kilns where he interprets the results of firings and then actively responds to those results to capture and enhance the end product so that it satisfies the creator and speaks clearly to the viewer.

     In addition, the potter aims for his utilitarian vessels to forge a relationship with others, inspiring continued interaction and subtly connecting the narrative of the potter’s process to the ultimate user of the piece.

     For more information,  call 937.548.5112 or see www.bearsmill.com.

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