Artfully ‘roughing it’ with sandpaper

     Sometimes when we are in that creative mode, our projects need to be just for the pure fun. ‘Sandpaper Prints’ is a good way of having it, regardless of age or where you are on the learning level.

     For this artwork project, wax crayons are used to create an image on very fine sandpaper.

     What works best for large images could be a close up of a flower or an animal building as well as landscape with no detail.

     Before the crayon application, a light pencil drawing of the image is made directly on the sandpaper.  It is important to use fine sandpaper; it creates a better image.

    After the image has been made, lay sandpaper on newsprint. Note: To produce rich color, the crayon coloring must be applied heavily.

    Cover picture with a sheet of thin paper such as, copy machine paper and quickly iron. Note: Some of the image will show through the back of the paper.

     Turn the paper over to view your print and you will have a reverse image.

     The colors would have melted and blended together to create the look of a painting, if sufficient crayon was applied. Note: Too much crayon or too many colors can produce a muddy appearance.

     Experiment to see what works best for you and plan to create many artworks.

Pat Rayman/AAPJ/Paint Box Section

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