Visual Dialogues

“Duality Series II”, mixed media on canvas, 48 in. x 36 in. by Francis Scorzelli.

“Duality Series II”, mixed media on canvas, 48 in. x 36 in. by Francis Scorzelli.

Take off your earphones and enter the Sulkin/Secant Gallery at Bergamot Station Art Center in Santa Monica, California for LarkGallery’s Portal II exhibition, “Unique Choices” on Saturday, April 6, 2013 from 4:00-8:00 pm. Beware! You will immediately be immerged in conversations of art as the live music flows through the airways.

      I believe you will discover as I did, from the political to the profound, these artists from around the world speak a universal language, such as in the painting, “Cyber Magnetic Time Travel” by Inna Sokoloff will which will definitely transport you to another reality.  

     Sometimes there are mixed messages as found in the work, “Unlocked” by Robert Grad. The locks on the fence are symbols of love, but he chooses to have a Danger sign super imposed over the hopeful gaze of young boy.  

“Unlocked”, acrylic, enamel, stain, spray paint, plexiglas on fabric, 40 in. x 40 in., by Robert Grad.

“Unlocked”, acrylic, enamel, stain, spray paint, plexiglas on fabric, 40 in. x 40 in., by Robert Grad.

     There are silent moments like in “Hanoi’s Prayers” by Felice Willat.  However at the other end of the spectrum, one can almost hear to various conversations in Night Crowd by Nigel Cooper where some speak while others listen.

     The assemblage, “Monument” by David Gardner not only gives you a feeling of being grounded, but also transformed to a different reality.  On the other hand, some of these artworks may produce “shock” so to speak, but then there are other works that will will soothe your mind, being “Beach Rocks XII” by Summer Young. Her collages release the negative ions of harmony that can only be found at the seashore.

     There is an old phrase and it goes somewhat, “Fireman, Fireman do your duty…” and I am confident viewers, as I did, see the flames leap off the wall in “Fire Speaks” by William Emboden. In my talk with artist Emboden, he said, “Every encounter with art should be confrontational. It should present us with a challenge to come to an understanding of the art, the artists and the intent.” I trust if you stand back, I am certain you will be able to decode their language.

      In the work, “Kandinsky Speaks” by Hal Yaskulka, he has captured music in his composition, as well as in “Note Worthy” by Sel Sarkin, who is singing you a song. I was compelled to stay and listen, but as I pan the gallery, I caught up in one of those mental ponders: Was it because of Sel or could it been “Exit” by Irina Chelyapov, that tells you in her work to go, but in reality, I must remain.  

     In all the works, that is for myself, I was amazed on how the artists are speaking though their media, even though some works are left for interruption, being at first glance, the striking images of Mick Jagger singing by Mark Valinsky and Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull playing the flute; it “rocked” me in the moment with some found memories. 

Mick Jagger, Glazed Eye, photograph, 20 in x 16 in by Mark Valinsky.

Mick Jagger, Glazed Eye, photograph, 20 in x 16 in by Mark Valinsky.

       As icing on the cake make our thoughts “water” of the forthcoming savor, I found “DualitySeriesI I” by Francis Scorzelli to capture all the themes and elements of this exhibition, a work that made me want to listen to words/ interruptions of all the artist’s visual poetry masterpieces.

     In summary, as our eyes and minds float inside or outside the box, mere visual gratification does not go beyond decoration. Encounters with art should be both stimulating and provocative because I believe it should be mandatory that the viewer to consider the degree of success, or failure, that they see in each work exhibited because the artist presents hers/his ideas and reflections, after all, it is vital one must consider the imagination involved and not hours of labor; thusly, success in the visual arts is often simple, but a powerful statement.

Review by Tony Clark, Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres

cover tcr-lgoEditor’s note: For the digital print version, you can download the pdf file below by clicking on the link. In addition, at presstime, the entire list of the artists exhibiting was not available, however it was tentatively noted to exceed 30 and as much as 200 artworks.

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6 Comments for “Visual Dialogues”

  1. Thomas Small

    The exhibit was all that was promised; in fact, more.
    As the visitor, I was indeed immersed in conversations of art. The flow between such diverse artists could not have been more masterfully planned as I was transported on a journey immediately upon entering.
    I was first struck by Robert Grad’s “Remain Seated” which struck a very deep personal chord. Traveling down the entry hall, I felt led by as what I’ll call non-traditional representations carried me on the visual journey. The transparency collages seem to change as I walked past them; the light shifted.
    I noticed when entering, I was struck by the work of Nigel Cooper’s “Night Crowd” whose red palette harkened to the red Grad piece, whose other artwork, “Choices,” was one of my absolute favorites. I am still haunted by it, much like we all are sometimes haunted by our choices.
    The next painting, the one I came to see did not disappoint. “Cyber Magnetic Time Travel” by Sokolof was breathtaking; I only wish they had been able to show the entire piece.
    Around each corner new wonders were awaiting. The flow between pieces seemed to keep transporting me further, challenging and delighting the senses.
    It was also a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk with the artists as well as hear them perform musically.
    All in all, it was one of the most enjoyable gallery showings I have been to in recent memory. This is the second that was featured here in the Art-to-Art Palette Journal; I am now a dedicated follower!

  2. So many people said it was the best in Bergamot Station and with the live music, it truly became a ‘visual dialogue’ that enhanced many of the art forms, not only artisticially, but also an educational learnign forefront.
    For those who could not make the opening, the exhibit remains on view through April 30, 2013. If you stop by and it appears closed, just ring at the door or better yet, call me 310.473.0890 and I will give you a personal tour. Respectfully, LARK


  3. Matthew Blackwell

    What an event! The positive atmosphere demanded attention of all the senses and surely will visit my memory! Several musical acts with ranging styles set the mood, as all were invited to enjoy good conversations and even better art. There was plenty to look at, and on several occasions when i thought i found my favorite piece of the show, i would turn a corner to find a new favorite. It would be impossible to simply settle on just one, but i can say that its rare to see a group show with so many standout artists, with completely different styles, flow together visually so well. I found the painting of Hal Yaskulka to be a center of great interest, as you must see one in person to grasp the subtle details that hide in the shadows a his bold and super rich color palette. Anita Getzler had impeccable presentation, second only to the image itself. The images are very clear yet play with your perspective and reason. By using reflection and highly magnified surfaces, her work appears to be an endless landscape in some impossible world. Magnificent!

  4. What a wonderful event! Lark and Tony created a show that enticed you at every turn as well as I found a new discovery with each artist, from the photography, to the sculpture, to abstract paintings and caligraphy inspired works.
    Some pieces were totally out of recycled materials (artists have done this for hundereds of centuries). One wanted more as each piece was so different and at the same time compelling.

  5. Hey Thomas, I just wanted to say thank you. So glad you liked “Remain Seated.” That piece was inspired by a trip that changed my life. It means a lot to me. It really was an amazing evening! I was so happy to have the opportunity to contribute. And I met so many fabulous people!

  6. Loved the show at Bergamot Station this past weekend. It was a great diverse group of artists and musicians. Much ‘masterpieces’ of artworks and ALL under one roof.
    Thanks, Hal

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