My artistic demands met

     Approaching a work of art of any period and in any medium, we have the expectation of honesty, integrity, originality, sincerity and mastering his medium.

     In contemporary art, we find these qualities in such figures by Matthew Blackwell, who derives his paintings from his imagination and personal convictions. 

     For each work, he reveals total control of his media (oil and metallic) on various surfaces, but also primarily on canvas. He works with an unyielding fervor to produce art balanced in form and color exhibiting the innate freedom characteristic of the artist.


"Organic Pulses", mixed media on canvas, 6 ft' X 2 ft, 2013, by Matthew Blackwell.

“Organic Pulses”, mixed media on canvas, 6 ft’ X 2 ft, 2013, by Matthew Blackwell.


     His “internal mechanism” (Jean Cocteau) acts to produce works of genius. They are compelling and authoritative revelations. Blackwell expresses all of the qualities that I have demanded of an artist.

    A final statement: Blackwell’s works are often sold before they are totally realized. Some have gone to major collections, whose names may not be used, but Nestlé  is certainly an extraordinary fine company.

Review by William Emboden, PhD, F.L.S.

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