CA: West Hollywood

WHERE: City of West Hollywood Gallery.

WHEN: Opening Friday, May 10, 2013 with an Artist’s Reception from 6:00-9:00 pm. Note: This exhibition will be on view into June.

“Burmese Bathers”, photography,  20" x 13", by Felice Willat.

“Burmese Bathers”, photography, 20″ x 13″, by Felice Willat.

TITLE: Sensations of the Heart and Spirit

ABOUT: The exhibitions tone is set by the Yogi painting by Mukhiya N. Lama of Nepal and Objects Trouvees sculpture by J. Reto adds a timeless tone. The next door gallery of the Organic Mechanical painting is by Matthew F. Blackwell and the main gallery One is struck by the Fire Paintings of Lana Sokoloff.

     The heart is immediately melted by the Maternal mixed media drawings by Kate Sikorski as well as One is challenged by the Powerful Abstracts of Gabrielle Bitter, including works which are compliments in hues of Bold Flower paintings by Inna Pankratova.

“Lavender Sand Storm”, acrylic, 96" x 36", by Lana Sokooff.

“Lavender Sand Storm”, acrylic, 96″ x 36″, by Lana Sokooff.

     Still romance is in the air as expressed by Elize with her Tender Heart paintings along with the Earthly Angels that are immortalized by David Gardner in his mixed media wall hanging. In contrast are the Urban Landscapes of Irina Chelyapov as the angels escape her paintings.

     Photography by Felice Willat gives will give the viewer the essence of reality, where this world has a rhythm that is revealed in a montage of Musical assemblages by Debora Gillman along with Mark Valinsky, who has immortalized Rock n Roll icons in his Concert photographs. Erik Fischer captures the Feminine Mystic in his black and white photography and as a woman, Susan Heldfond gives us a glimpse into the Spirit of Woman in her nature photography.

     There is a lyricism in the Poem Painting of William Emboden as is in his captivating Towers sculpture and the viewer will also ‘feel’ the sounds by Sel Sarkin in this artist’s Rhythmic paintings.

"Red Shoes", sculpture, by Patricia Feber.

“Red Shoes”, sculpture, by Patricia Feber.

     Egor Sovtsov shares with us Female Bliss paintings and in a word the artistry of Unshin Donoy is Woman, she would choose to go high stepping in the Red Shoe ceramic sculptures of Patricia Ferber.

      No one captures the Spirit and Nature better Larisa Pilinsky in her mixed media paintings, along with works by Susanne Belcher which reveal the internal architecture of this world.

     Adding the ‘icing’ is the Calligraphic style of Tatiana Savchenko that sums up the exhibition in one character.

MORE DETAILS: For separate viewings contact Pashyo Sarkin at  or call 310.356.6469.  Additional informationregarding the artists, materials, images and interviews, contact Cavalier Tony Clark at

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