A visual feast

SulkinSecantGalleryMain    On Saturday, April 6, 2013, it was an evening for art lovers. The galleries in the famed Bergamot Station/Santa Monica area swung open their doors, especially the Sulkin/Secant, where an exhibition of approximately twenty-five known artists in the Western US region exhibited their works which were part of the Portal of Opportunities competition conducted by LarkGallery.

     We were blessed by warm ocean air. So the gallery doors remained open with viewing and conversations were carried on ocean breezes. Artists, scientists, university professors, musicians and the art-loving public comingled agreeably.

      Every aspect of the contemporary art could be found; collage, montage, sculpture, photography and paintings. It was gratifying to watch an interested public study each work and share commentary. Reactions were very positive to the pleasure of the artists who were present.

    SulkinSecant Gallery -interior Opening at 4:00 pm, the music filled the gallery with the vocal artistry of Matt Blackwell, who is an artist in every medium. His splendid songs and guitar renditions brought applause and beaconed more viewers into the gallery.

     Gleaming with much attention was an assemblage of iridescent title-like, layered paintings by David Gardner. Collages and paintings by Lark caught the eye of numerous viewers. Paintings by Nigel Cooper appeared to be seen through the dark prism like Le Sidenier with illuminated figures and buildings in the distance. The technique of painting was very original in that the pigments appeared to be drawn by some force across the surface of the canvas.

      My calligraphic imagery spoke to an intellectual group who appreciated the underlying lyricism. I was told by one scholar that my work “caught the essence of art in spaced strokes.”

      Photography was represented by the internationally recognized physician and photographer, Dr. Mark Valinsky.  He’s impressions of individual icons of music of the 1960’s were magnificent in bold, but totally natural stage lightings.

“Journey to Oz”, mixed media on canvas, 48 in x 36 in. by Susanne Belcher.

“Journey to Oz”, mixed media on canvas, 48 in x 36 in. by Susanne Belcher.

     Architectural photography of overlain collages on plexiglas revealed worlds within world were by Susanne Belcher. One could peer into these and find strong visual stimuli.

      Rob Grad provided the evening with both music with moving lyrics and profound painting montages.

      One left the gallery moved and changed. There really is a universally of communication that is best accomplished and translated through art.

Review by William A Emboden, PhD, F.L.S.

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  1. I was very honored to be a part of this art exhibition. Thousands of people attended the overall event at the prestigious Bergamot Station Art Complex in Santa Monica, California. There was a consistent overflow crowd of art enthusiasts visiting the Sulkin/Secant Gallery. It was the best attended art showing ever, closing almost 2 hours later than anticipated. I want to personally thank Ms. Lark Larisa Pilinsky, gallery owner and Mr. Tony Clark, Art expert Trustee of the Hollywood Arts Council for a memorable and highly successful event. ~ Dr. Mark Valinsky – http://www.MarkValinskyPhotography.com

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