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“JA and TJ” by Julie Yoder, whose goal is to read a biography for each of the American presidents.

“JA and TJ” by Julie Yoder, whose goal is to read a biography for each of the American presidents.

WHERE: Liberty Tattoo and Art Parlor.

WHEN: Opens Tuesday, March 12 and remains on view through April 27, 2013. Note: There will be an Artist Reception on Saturday, April 13, 2013, from 7:00-10:00 pm.


"Colonial Cat" by Julie Yoder.

“Colonial Cat” by Julie Yoder.

BRIEF ABOUT: Louisville’s Julie Yoder (  has had work exhibited at Pyro Gallery, the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and the Carnegie Center for Art and History. Currently, she works as the Assistant Director of Education at the KMAC.

Artist Statement: I grew up in Louisville, and attended Washington University in St. Louis where I earned a BFA in printmaking. I am attracted to printmaking because I love the versatility of printmaking, and the rich array of marks that can be achieved. I often combine a variety of textures and print techniques to create interest and depth in my work. I also like to incorporate paint, metal, and collage into my work. I enjoy the juxtaposition of colors and textures that can be created by combining these materials. My art is inspired by nature-based imagery, as well as folk art and traditional craft symbols; I am also influenced by the use of iconic and narrative imagery throughout art history. I strive to create art that is engaging, whimsical, and conveys a story to the viewer. 

MORE DETAILS: Call 502.637.4777 or

About: Liberty Tattoo and Art Parlor (LTAP) is owned and operated by local artists Suzanne Edds and Gary Bell. The Art gallery space rotates bi-monthly, featuring local and regional artworks of all mediums.

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