Healing power of Art

Grief knows no stranger.  Whether young or old, strong or frail, it stabs like a knife, reaching into the inner depth of your heart. For some, the pain overshadows any hint of a normal life.  For others, an awakening of the soul is realized, turning the worst tragedy into a poetic outreach to others.

     Heather Binegar, of rural Jay County, Indiana, shared the same dreams as many in 2005.  Two healthy kids, a wonderful husband and thoughts of a bright future, was enough to make her life complete. Suddenly, the nightmare that grips every mother, at some point in their lives, sent Grief to torture her mortal existence. Zachary, her 19-year-old son, was killed in a car accident, less than 5 miles from their home.  Less than 6 months later, grief visited Heather once again, claiming her mom, Donna Cullen.

2012 Zachery Angel HB1     I was unaware of this story when I first laid eyes on the breathtaking angel, designed and created by Heather and her daughter.  It was Christmas morning and my brother was holding up a shimmering, almost twirling piece, against the light. 

     As I approached, a sense of peace overwhelmed me and I wanted to reach out and touch it, but was afraid of breaking the spell.

     The circular mesh of golden 24-gauge wire, somehow, delivered an aura of perfect proportion, yet shifted in transformation to include a host of different scenes. 

     I saw lush, rolling meadows, hummingbirds with wispy, fluttering wings, and heavenly clouds that opened and spilled out an angel, in the midst of it all. 

     Appropriately called “Zachary’s Angel”, the idea was born as Heather and her daughter, Cameron, were working on a 4-H project, shortly after Zachary’s accident.  By using her fingers to form the swirls, a little piece of love and understanding seems to escape into each piece.  Not one angel is exactly alike, but seems to offer an individual feeling for the recipient.  Using ribbons and gems, Heather is further able to capture the presence of the soul that has been laid to rest.

     2012 Zachery Angel HB2Mrs. Binegar has had no formal training in the arts, but has taken grief and shown it the door. Filling the lives of others, with a moment of peace, helps in the healing process when a loved one is painfully missed.

     Heather has traveled to different parts of the country, offering her condolences and to leave a lasting tribute of “Zachary’s Angel”, as well as for family and friends.  The bitter taste of Zachary’s death will always be with her, but through sharing her amazing gift, she knows that the healing power of art is at work.

     If you would like to share your story with Heather, or to order one of the many different “Zachary’s Angels”  designs for yourself, or someone that is grieving, email Heather at qweeniebear@yahoo.com or for more see www.facebook.com/heather.binegar and send her a note at 10673 W. Division Road, Dunkirk, Indiana 47336.  The cost of each angel is $13.00.

By Kate Garton, AAPJ Senior Feature Editor

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