“I like to translate something like the sound of insects in a hay field into shapes and colors.”

     Northwest Ohio prides itself in producing extra-ordinary, creative-minded citizens. The public school system, the cultural programs and most of all, those who teach are largely responsible for this national reputation. One example of Ohio homegrown talent is that of Rose Korte-Kennealy, a watermedia artist of Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Rose grew up in Delphos, Ohio and had always been interested in science and art. Her first proper leadership in photography as an art was introduced to her by Patricia Rayman, teacher of Rose’s 6th grade class. The assignment was a science project in which pinhole cameras were used.

     Having the opportunity to try out different artistic techniques, with the combined knowledge of a well trained academic team, helped lead Rose to her undergraduate work at the Rochester Institute of Technology, one of the two premiere photography and imaging colleges in the United States. After graduation, Rose joined a pioneering company in Massachusetts and played a key role in developing one of the first all digital, color graphic arts pre-press systems.

    A career in image science plus the never dying interest in art has led Rose to an expansion of her abilities. Wishing to marry science and art to enjoy both her passions, Kennealy explains, “I like to translate something like the sound of insects in a hay field into shapes and colors.” New England architecture, kitchen still life, island scenes and laundry on clothesline are a few of the watercolors completed by Rose.

     “Monhegan Quilts” is 22 x30 in. watercolor on 140 lb. Arches cold pressed paper. The scene is of quilts on a clothesline between two cottages on the main road in the fishing village on Monhegan Island, Maine.

     Active in the Cape Art League and holding the Chair of the Cape Elizabeth Arts Commission, Rose exhibits regularly in the Portland, Maine area.

     “Cape Elizabeth Light” is a 12 x16 in. transparent watercolor on 140lb. Arches cold pressed paper of the lighthouse that marks the beginning of the channel into Portland Harbor, Maine. It features the top of the light tower, and roof lines on the keeper’s house that appear to point to the tower.

     You can tell that Rose senses the aroma and sees the nature in her work, whether it is a country church or children playing by the sea. Her life full of what pleases her most; she is also married to coastal landscape artist and her best friend, Jack Kennealy and mother to son John.

     Ohio has recognized the influence that the arts can make on our students and recently added art as a credit in the public school system. A realization comes true for those who have known the importance of art for years. Rose Korte-Kennealy is a wonderful example of how teaching can offer many attractive avenues if one is shown the way. For more on this ‘homegrown’ Buckeye, including her best friend, see

SOURCE: Art-to-Art Palette Journal,Vol 20 No 1, 2007-08 Fall-Winter print edition download below

Rose Marie Korte-Kennealy-OH-ME


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