Reflecting on the World of Lark

“A Moment in Between”
I’m stirred by the way you look at me,
Those warm impulsive waves
That loom and fume behind your eyes,
Then shoot from fingertips.
We hold the fragile seeds of love
And trust the shifty wind…

     I am rarely a “fan” of any artist, but LARK aka Larisa Pilinsky (  is an exceptional phenomenon. Besides her brilliant sense of composition, she is the ultimate “Green Artist” or maybe she is also the grand ‘love child’ of Kandinsky and Schwitters, but regardless I find Lark’s talent is built from the ‘shoulders’ of masters of 20th century.

     The fall 2012 became the harvest time for this Los Angeles based artist who just opened her retrospective show, “The Art of Lark” in Salkin Secant Gallery at Bergamot Station Arts Center. This show, which is on view by appointment through October 21, 2012, consists of more than 60 artworks of her best collages, assemblages and paintings.

“ …Creation is having a dialogue with the world. I listen to voices that lead my hand…” LARK

     Lark is not an artist that needs to speak as her works speak volumes in several languages, techniques, styles, energies, media and subject matter. As I and others move from one artwork to the next, we are bewildered by this artist that captures a lyrical sun.

     At the other end of the spectrum, she uses found functional objects and transforms them into art. In oil you can see the influence of Munch and Monet, however it is an original Lark painting. “Green Art” is so vogue now, but it is another vehicle for Lark to express herself.

     Yes, she is a ‘woman artist’ and people have to attach labels. In the case of her “Sun Paintings” on canvas, they are her feminine side, but the montage/mix media works are masculine. In this style, she attacks the multi-surfaces with very bold compositions and the strokes of a master calligrapher.

     Lark’s paintings warm your heart and bring shine into any room. Her montages challenge the observer about social and political images from AIDS to liberation of Jews from Russia. It is all out there and you will discover her works are there to sooth you on canvas. On the other hand, as you stand back and grant your eyes the opportunity to feast upon these World of Lark artworks, be ready for an onslaught range of emotions – such as those that will move, impress, including touches of angry and sadness that are evoked by your mind and heart.

     Finally in other happenings for artist Pilinsky, opening Tuesday, October 23 at The Loft at Liz on South La Brea Avenue, she participates in “Dada or Not” – a three women exhibition with Georganne Heller and Elize. An artist reception is Saturday, October 27 from 6:00-9:00 pm and the show will run through November 6. I encourage your attendance.

By Tony Clark, Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres –  


To download the digital print version, click World of Lark or see

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  1. It is a great pleasure that a grand Chevalier has so elegantly and accurately caught the life that flows through my Lark’s art. I think it is indivisible from her breathing and her enjoyment of life, as another true artist would know so well.

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