VA: Newport News

WHERE: Peninsula Fine Arts Center.

WHEN: Thursday, September 20 from 5:30-8:30 pm.

TITLE: Art After 5 Fall Music Extravaganza

BRIEF ABOUT: “It is going to be a big one!” according to Pfac’s Mike McGrann, being, the Center is hosting only one of its Art After 5 live music, poetry and art events for fall 2012. The event is free, but ‘feed-the-kitty’ donations are encouraged.

Formed in 2005 as a solo project by Matthew Thomas, Uglyography describes their music as “Quirkadelic”, evoking a Steampunk aesthetic while playing original music with modern rock and pop sensibilities. The group is made up of: Thomas, vocals, bass; Al Dimaggio, vocals, drums; DJ Blake, vocals, guitar; and  Jack Morgan, vocals, guitar. The band is working on a third CD set to release later in 2012.

Following in the hard-to-categorize mode is Broken Mouth Annie. Founded in 2012, BMA’s music brings together punk and bluegrass elements combining contemplative lyrics with high-energy rock-and-roll. BMA consists of: Anson Morris, vocals, guitar; Mike Howland, guitar, vocals; Matt Scruggs, drums, vocals; Chris Samulski, violin; Steve Jones, bass, vocals; and Victoria Hundley, vocals, percussion.

Begun by Darius Teasley in 2010, Shakespeare’s Ghozt calls himself “The future of hip-hop music.” As an artist he effortlessly blends hip-hop, classic rock, electronica and punk into a new sound that he calls “Heathen Music.” Teasley will be accompanied by the Heathen Music Crew (The H.M.C.) Janina Johnson.


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