SD: Rapid City

WHERE: Dahl Arts Center

WHEN: The reception to meet the artist Ray Tysdal ( is on Friday, September 14 from 5:00-7:00 pm in the Sen. Stan Adelstein & Lynda K. Clark Gallery is free and open to the public. Editor’s note: There will be light refreshments as well as a cash bar.

TITLE: Old Dog, New Tricks

BRIEF ABOUT: Ray Tysdal, 63, is a self-taught fine-art photographer who was born in Nebraska and reared in Lead, South Dakota. He began taking photographs at age eight with his mother’s Eastman Kodak Brownie Target Six-16 (Brownie box camera).  His only formal training came from coursework in press photography while he was a journalism student at South Dakota State University in the 1960’s.  Tysdal expressed, “It has only taken me forty years to learn how to translate my original visualizations into finished art.”

     Well known for his striking black and white images of buffalo and other wildlife, Ray has more recently been exploring innovative ways to see his original negatives in an entirely new light.  Photographing the film negatives with a scanner, he uses an improvisational approach to reinterpretation.  He is looking for where the image leads him rather than where he leads it.  Using the computer to dissect his images into small bits of texture, he then uses those tidbits as brush strokes; manipulating, duplicating, flipping and repositioning to create a whole new composition.  The exhibit closes January 5, 2013.

MORE DETAILS: Call605.394.4101 or

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