OH: Greenville

WHERE: Bear’s Mill

WHEN: On view through Sunday, September 23, 2012.

TITLE: Art At the Mill

BRIEF ABOUT: Fitting perfectly in the Mill’s natural setting, works by Brian Gordy captures the sculptural beauty and charm of turtles and other wildlife. Watercolorist Gordy is also a naturalist and has long been intrigued by water creatures, which obviously shows this fascination in his paintings. Gordy has taught art in public schools, at the university level and privately for over 25 years. He also owns and operates a framing studio and art gallery in downtown Muncie, Indiana.

     For this Bowling Green University alumni and potter, Ben Deeter his first touched clay while in high school and he came obsessed with the endless possibilities provided. He uses color rather than texture to bring interest to his work, and is incorporating patterns from nature into the pieces. “I want the pieces in this show to have an impactful presence, so I’m creating some large-scale work which reflects the world around us that we see daily,” said the potter, who also integrates historical as well as contemporary concepts into his work to produce functional pieces that he intends to be as pleasing to look at as they are to use.

MORE DETAILS: Call 937.548.5112 or www.bearsmill.com.

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