CA: Los Angeles

WHERE: Coagula Curatorial Gallery.

Axl & Erin 2, 2010, Color Photograph, 40” x 40”, Edition of 4 by Laura London.

WHEN: Opens Saturday, September 29 and runs thru October 21, 2012.

TITLE: Once Upon A Time…Axl Rose Was My Neighbor

BRIEF ABOUT: A solo show of new art by fine art photographer, Laura London ( The exhibit explores the fine line between constructed narrative and documentary, private portraiture and celebrity posing, and, most intensely, melodrama juxtapozed with the all out rock and roll lifestyle.

     Artist London says, “My studio practice explores issues of identity, youth and contemporary culture. Similar to a social anthropologist, I observe people and social situations. My work comes from a combination of personal experience, memory, observation and imagination. ‘Axl Rose Was My Neighbor’ is a docudrama based on an interpretation and depiction of actual events.”

Laura London.

     The exhibit will feature large-scale 40”x40” and 20”x20” photographs shot on 2 ¼ film using natural and tungsten light and a 10-foot wall mural printed on vinyl. There is also a salon style wall of photographs that include behind the scenes, close up details and other media inspired pictures printed in various sizes.


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