Winning works on view in library

     Judges Bradley Olson and Robert Lepo have judged and juried entries for 23rd Annual Summer Artfest and the following winners are:

“The Blacksmith’s Shop” by Jodi Knoch.

     Best of Show, Gary Hovey for “Wild Ol’ Tom, A Desert Ship” and “Breaching Whale”; Friends Annual Award, Jodi Knoch for “Auglaize Out of Her Banks”; First Place, Jeff Doseck for “Memorial Hall”; Second Place, Keith Norman for “Canal Warehouse, St. Marys”; Third Place, Alice Schneider for “Staircase in Mansfield”; Watercolor Award, George Douglas Eblen for “Sedona Sunrise Special”; Three Dimensional Award, Gary Hovey for “Wild Ol’ Tom, A Desert Ship “and “Breaching Whale”; Photography Award, Donald Nuss for “Chicago Steel”; Ohio Theme Award, Jane Dippold for “Carthegena Rd. Cornfield”, Alternative Media Award, Jordi Nagel for “You Can Grow Flowers Where Dirt Used to Be”; Acrylic/Oil Award, David Hovey for “The Veil”; Honorable Mentions to Jeff Doseck for “The Back Door”; George Douglas Eblen for “Backyard Fun”; Joan Kistler for “Summer Splash”; Jodi Knoch for “The Blacksmith Shop”; Barbara Sailor for “Succulent and Rusting Through Retirement”; Kay Sluterbeck for “Comforts of Home”; Heather Sudman for “Innocence” and “St. Marys Hobby Center and Trading Co.”; and Jerry Whited for “Sycamore.”

     The 23nd Annual St. Marys Summer Artfest runs through August 10 from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm; Saturday, August 11 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm; and Sunday, August 12, noon to 4:00 pm in the St. Marys Community Public Library.

     For more information, call 419.394.7471 or


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