A multi-cultural artistic gem

Her mother was French, Irish and Native American and her father was one hundred percent Chinese. Together they produced a multi-cultural beauty, Ruth KO, who in childhood was always interested in shapes and forms in which she created using play clay as well as made sculptures using cookie boxes.

     While KO studied clay and casting sculpture in bronze from leading 20th Century American teachers, it was during her professional years as a model and a Hula dancer, the human body, including her own became the subject matter in her art making.

     Always embracing her Hawaiian roots, KO has also traveled extensively throughout the Far East, such as The Peoples of China, Bali, Singapore which has been a major influence on her style and subject matter. “I normally wake up thinking about a shape, or some element of a sculpture, and I can’t wait to get up and get started,” she says. “It gives me a real focus and balance in life. I feel that I am able to give life to clay through creations that have a secret soul that I wish to share,” said KO.

     Artist KO captures the serenity that is found in Thai Chi and in Yoga, however many of her themes are very timely and Western.  She further embraces her female sensuality as one can clearly see where her style echoes the mastery shapes of Brancusi and the sensual storytelling of Maillol; thusly branding her as a contemporary classic in a league of her own.

   One can experience of the wonderful and tactile world of KO in the exhibition “Sensual Impressions” at Harvey’s on Beverly in Los Angeles. The exhibition runs through Labor Day.

     To learn more about KO, see www.kogallery.com.

By Tony Clark/Tony Clark Report


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