Hot fine arts exposed

KO stimulates with bronze private parts and extremities to feel and delight.

     Emotions and sensations will be running abound at Harvey’s on Beverly in Los Angeles with the soon-to-be opening of “Sensual Impressionism” exhibition and the opening reception with the artists on Saturday, July 7 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

     From the street one can see the sexy high heel by Gerrad Bohl, including other of his works, “Posterior Paintings” that make the West wall rock.

“Queen of the Desert” with Tiffany lights helps her look in the dark corners of her journey by eiotown.

     In the other window, “Les Femmes Fatale” works by eiotown are on full display. His hot mannequins sprout wings, babies, feathers and even a horse out of the head of one bound in leather.

     As you enter, you will be overwhelmed by the sensations of colors of Nigel Cooper. His oil paintings are mere reflection of sights and sounds that his has abstracted from warm blues to sizzling hot reds, and as you climb the staircase, montages and deconstructions by Dan Becker will give you a nostalgic feelings like “Belle” to the male bonding pix of charging football players.    

Internationally-known photographer, Shahram Sanai gives us intimate high fashion moments.

     To the left are the tactile and sexy bronze sculptures by KO. She captures sensations and the inner feelings of being a woman.  

     At the top of the staircase, on the mezzanine, the photography of Shahram Sanai is sometimes erotic and always sensual. One lady admires the new tattoo above her mound of Venus as gay and straight celebrity couples embrace across the room.

     As you descend the stairs, watch as Hal Yaskulka red paintings tango while his pink lady’s body is embraced by another as the butterfly watches.

     Look behind the bar to discover an array of lighting nude photographic self-portraits that are not only amazing, but also full of symbolism by Cody Hunt.  

     And in the backroom gallery, which is always full of surprises, I employ you to let your total self take in the mystical and hypnotizing photography of David Gardner.

     Curated by yours truly, the exhibition will through Labor Day 2012; therefore, if you should have any questions, call me at 323.829.2787 or email: . One last note, I guarantee a fun crowd and refreshments flowing.

The Tony Clark Report for AAPJ

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  1. Excited for the opening this Saturday, so many wonderful artists together in one space, what a blessing! See you there!

  2. Harvey and I am very excited to have the Gallery filled with such evocative works from so many talented artist. Tony has once again triumphantly brought together a group of artist with works of singular power. Speaking thought a myriad of mediums the collection resonates; works that include gorgeous tactile sculpture, outre mixed media mannequins, deconstructed collage, oil on canvas and stunning erotic black and white photography. We can’t wait to unveil the collection at SATURDAY’S OPENING PARTY.

  3. JimFreund-San Jose

    Mr. Clark,
    I have viewed KO’s works at other venues and in my mental recall, I found myself in somewhat a “trance” – her works kept drawing me in and as though my mind was telling me to move on; I could not get my human frame to move. I cannot put a handle on it, but her works did hold my spirit hostage – a feeling of total serenity. I will be at the opening and I know I will once again experience a feast. Artfully yours, Jim.

  4. I am always interested to witness the diverse visiting people and their differing reactions as well as seeing things you didn’t see yourself! Great mix of artists and orchestrated beautifully by Tony.

  5. I work with Sharam as a model in Paris for many years. I enjoy working with him and see the magic he makes through his pictures. It is a pleasure to find him now in Los Angeles and see his beautiful pictures in this expo. See you there dear Sharam.

  6. Congratulations on an exciting and inspiring exposition of so many different artists.
    Unfortunately I am only able to view it via cyberspace. Being familiar with Shahram Sanai´s work, having worked with him over many years, it gives me pleasure to see his work exhibited and enjoyed by others.He is an inspired photographer who loves taking photographs that have a movie still like quality to them yet sensuous,surprising and beautiful. Wish I could be there. All the best x

  7. Loved the show at Harvey’s Saturday. The diverse group of artists and the way their works were displayed inspired me to paint when I got home. Thank You Tony for including me in this show Great work!!

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