He creates visual works of feelings


Minjae Lee is a 23-year-old self taught artist who produces work that reflects his signature of powerful colors and creative movement. He uses seemingly old-fashioned tools, such as markers, pens, crayons and acrylics, to create modern and abstract art.

     Originally from Seoul, Korea, his environment has dramatically influenced the art that he creates. He began drawing at the age of three-years-old, but never thought that his passion for the arts could transform into a career due to the lack of presence of the arts in his culture. “I think my culture is complicated, but it makes me think more and accept things,” Minjae says.

      For him, growing up in Korea, his creativity was not nurtured because a more formal education was the standard, however upon meeting a cartoonist at the age of 19, artist Lee was inspired to begin drawing people and the human experience, while making art his career.

     “In the past, artists such as Zak Smith, Wassily Kandinsky and Jenny Saville have inspired me, but nowadays I usually get inspired from young art students. They keep making such fresh things. Whenever I see that, it always makes me feel something,” Minjae says.

     The art that Minjae creates often focuses on the human emotion, which is reflective of his culture. His works include ethereal female forms that are highly expressive and organic. He suggests that the Korean culture is in tune with their emotions through their language. “Koreans can change word ‘blue’ to have 100 different feelings.  It’s not in the dictionary but every Korean understands when we change some word to express a specific feeling,” he said.

     For more on Minjae , http://grenomj.com  or call Jane Owen at 323.819-1122.


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