ND: Bismarck

"Golden Bedding"

WHERE: Governor Jack Dalrymple’s ground floor and first floor offices, First Lady Betsy Dalrymple ’s fourth floor office, and the Attorney General’s first floor office.

WHEN: Through June 2012.

BRIEF ABOUT: An ongoing program between North Dakota Arts Council and the offices of the Governor and First Lady, on exhibit are works by New Salem artist Mary Quintus, whose paintings tend to be a reflection of her rural back ground, having lived on the prairie most of her life.

     Artist Quintus is a self-taught, but has followed a continued education path as well as working under a various artists, including Bruce Haughey, Rose Marie Landsberger, Art Kerner and Greg Wilhelmi. In addition, she has given workshops in the basics of watercolor. Today, transparent watercolor and acrylics is her primary medium, however has began using oils.

 MORE DETAILS: Contact Mary via e-mail at: mquintus@beu.midco.net ; or call 701.843.8695.

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