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  1. Chevalier Tony Clark

    Jenn is an amazing multifacted artist. Guests will have the priviledge to see not only his performing, but also his visual art in the same venue beginning Saturday, May 12, which is a part of the exhibition, “REPURPOSED” on view through June 9, 2012.

  2. What a trip…He is a Must See !!!

  3. Michael

    Can’t wait to see this show because I am sure it will be a moving experience!

  4. A year ago, I was fortunate to see one of Jenn’s original works down in Long Beach. I can only imagine; in fact, I am sure this forthcoming production will be as creative and of course, well performed. I know the show goes on tour soon and I am confident it will be a success. j.Reto

  5. We at Harvey’s On Beverly are fortunate enough to be surrounded by the wonderful Art on exhibition here in Tony Clark’s curated show “REPURPOSED”; a few of Jason Jenn evocative works are displayed and are so looking forward to Jason using our Gallery & Showroom as a backdrop for what we anticipate to be a provocative experience.

  6. Gold Coast Guest

    Before the ‘curtains’ rose, I did not know exactly why I was driven to this production, but as I think of those times in my youth, when my parents would insist that I accompany them to community theater, I was reminded each time and why: Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Jason Jenn. I sincerely hope you take your show on the road to as many as possible flyover locations, including that ‘Field of Dreams’ Frank sung about.
    As ever, A Distance Friend

    (P.S. Maybe you could get Andy Dean of America Now Radio in your LA area to voice your opinion on the arts and humanities – it shor’ would be a great change of programming because I am getting to the point of wanting to puke – so tired of hearing the Obama bashing or the rehash of Sean’s talk show.)

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