Bro opens twin’s art world

“Sleeping Gamer” Adam Reeder, 15″ x 14″ x 28″ tall, Limited Edition # 9, 2008.

Having more than one passion in your life doesn’t have to be confusing.  Just ask Adam Reeder, a creative energetic sculptor that is taking imagination, knowledge, teaching and beauty to exciting new levels in the art world.  One example is Reeder’s love of Greek religion and mythology.  By using his skill of molding clay, the innovation of today’s technology and holding firm to history, a remarkable exhibit emerges.  Gods such as Pan and Zeus take on a fresh revival in the 21st century. 

     Bronze sculpture “Pan with his iPod” mixes today’s techno culture with that of the past in an impassioned pose of Pan enjoying the sights and sounds of a changing world.  In his series of Socio-Technic Evolution, other pieces such as “Zeus with his Iphone”,”Atlas” and “Sleeping Gamer” also display history and technology at play.

     Reeder does not consider himself a natural born artist.  Sibling rivalry began Adam’s desire to pursue drawing at the age of 14.  Twin brother, Jason, was fluent in the art of drawing and, unknowingly, he opened a door to his brother’s hidden skills. Adam pursued the different aspects of art at a Utah university.  After graduation, he returned to his home state of California. 

     Since 1999, Adam has been capturing the attention of the West Coast with paintings and sculptures but further training at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco is where his education and talent began to elevate.  In 2008, Reeder won first place in Figurative Sculpture in the Academy’s Spring Show and went on to participate in the National Sculpture Competition.  Instructors Peter Schifrin, Erik Blome and Waxin Zhang were instrumental in Reeder’s needed reflection of his own self in order to really appreciate the world of art.

     “While at Academy of Art University, I was challenged to grow in ways that I didn’t even know I was deficient,” Reeder says, remembering.

     Today, Adam has expanded his creativity with others by offering classes to adults and children.  Homeschooled children have reveled in his workshops and Adam allows the participants to grow at their own individual level.  Classes are held at the Murer House in the city of Folsom where 2 hour classes fly by as students focus on the techniques and exploration of different sculpting media.  Classes in other areas are also possible by contacting Adam directly.

     Reeder co-chairs the Greater Sacramento Sierra chapter of the California Art Club, California’s most prestigious club for representational artists and continues to use his imagination, passions and knowledge to entertain society with his gift of sculpturing and painting. 

     When asked about future projects, it is not difficult to see Reeder spinning hundreds of ideas around. “The first is the treatment of women throughout the world.  My irritation and pain about this subject has actually created an artist block for me for a period of time.  I must do something about this subject however, especially the way the women are treated in the Middle East and India.  I hate it.”

     Adam lives with his wife and four children in San Ramon, California.  For more information on his upcoming shows, events or schedules for classes, including views on his works of art, go to  You will discover his power of unleashing the buried passions in others is uncanny and so very much needed in a society where people often fall prey to their own internal insecurities.  This is an artist that is headed for higher acclaim for both his own work and the power of teaching.

By Kate Garton, AAPJ Feature Editor


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