Artist is hooked on nature’s reclaims

Watercolor is said to be an addictive type of painting.  The color, texture and material selected in the beginning can lead down a very unpredictable path.  The constant blending, building, editing, tearing down and rebuilding again delivers a sense of achievement to these masters, however, by taming the uncontrollable nature of the medium.

     David Poxon is an international achiever in the world of professional watercolor.  Coming back to his love of watercolor painting after a successful career in the music industry, it did not take long for his name to become widely recognized.  Winning the 2008 Still Life prize at the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolors, doors opened and he was accepted into the Royal Institute in 2010.

     Growing up in the West Midlands where sights and sounds were shadowed by mills and foundries, a surreal image of life’s struggles formed in David’s mind.  His work follows this same path in portraying the beauty of life’s struggles to succeed, years of hope and defeat and the will to never give up.  Real life is not blue skies and happiness but a struggle that leaves many with frayed edges and worn surfaces.

     “The common place or the overlooked become my subject material as nature slowly reclaims that which man has abandoned or cast aside, creating a fragile beauty which is ever-changing,” shares Poxon regarding his watercolors.

     It is amazing how Poxon’s audience is able to relate to the reality of a world that was once shoved under the carpet in disgust.  Eyes have been opened and no longer is society ignoring the hard work and pain that is thrust upon us but instead, embracing with a new desire to understand and appreciate the imperfections of life.  One of David’s latest exhibitions was held at the Shanghai Bienniel by invitation of the Chinese Government.  A solo exhibition followed in the same venue.

     Poxon has long recognized the work of achieved artists within the British RI, especially those with the same contemporary views of realism in watercolor painting.  It only seemed natural to create a show with those like-minded, passionate artists with skills that are second to none.

"Men Worked Here" pure watercolor, 22x27 in.

     2012 kicks off the beginning of international exhibitions where David along with Angus McEwan RSW ARWS, Denis Ryan ARWS and Sandra Walker RI will present an incredible vision of watercolor at its finest.  “Art of the Real” is a first in delivering the individual unique talents of award winning and distinguished artists as a consonance of one in visualizing and constructing one theme.  As a foursome, these artists have created a new path for others to follow in sharing the humbling gift of unity and skill in delivering the perception of life as it is.

     You will not want to miss the fragile beauty that only these acclaimed watercolor artists can bring and for more continued updates, see for the latest on where to find scheduled shows and previews of the event.

By Kate Garton/AAPJ

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