KY: Louisville

WHERE: Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.

WHEN: April 1-30, 2012.

BRIEF ABOUT: In the KMAC gallery, Milliner Sarah Havens’ spring collection includes one-of-a-kind handmade hats that are inspired by delicate, airy and celestial images, while Wood craftsman Jason Cohen makes art out of bourbon barrels that highlights organic textures, shapes and patterns. His furniture is both functional and decorative.

More about the artists

     Sarah Havens is from Louisville, Kentucky, who currently resides in Newport, Rhode Island where she has been making hats for 20 years for professional theatre companies. All of her hats are handmade and start as shapeless felt or straw hoods. She uses antique hat blocks to ensure the authenticity of the traditional designs she works with and she hand-sews trim pieces, hat bands, feathers, antique broaches, fine garment leather and other pieces to complete the one-of-a-kind pieces.

    Sarah’s inspiration evolves out of work she has created for the stage, ranging from the whimsical, to special occasion head wear, to the classical millinery styles that can be worn every day. She has created her own line of original fashionable hats, while still offering traditional styles such as straw, fur or felt top hats, fedoras and straw boaters. In addition, she offers similar hats for women with a feminine flair. The classic look of these hats endures, not only because of their lasting impact of fashion history, but the purity, simplicity and beauty of their forms. Today, she has recently opened a studio to create her own line of fashionable hats.

     Louisville resident Jason Cohen recently received the 2011 Made in the South Award in the “Home Category” from Garden & Gun Magazine. Cohen’s designs are sparked by the discoveries of the hidden and underlying foundations, symbols and texture’s of nature.

     He is self-taught and approaches ideas in unconventional ways. Jason works closely with his clients as they communicate their essential aspirations for the project in the custom-design process. Essentials like shape and table top size, edge treatments, base style, veneer, banding, inlays are discussed and planned out with every client.

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