MN: Bloomington

WHERE: Bloomington Center for the Arts.

WHEN: Saturday, March 24 from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

TITLE: 2012 Writers’ Festival and Book Fair

Pat Proft

BRIEF ABOUT: Speakers and workshop presenters include a variety of artists and writers. Keynote speaker is Hollywood screenwriter Pat Proft, whose some of his credits include “The Naked Gun” film series, “Police Academy”, “Hot Shots”, “Scary Movie”, “Bachelor Party”, and “Real Genius.” He also wrote, produced and directed the 1998 comedy, “Wrongfully Accused” with Leslie Nielsen.

Children’s book illustration, "Hey Diddle" by Chuck Hues

     Others are:  Chuck Hues, aka “The Art Guy,” has been a visual artist and t-shirt designer for the rock band The Grateful Dead, and also serves as art director for such festivals as WeFest and 10,000 Lakes Festival. He will “perform” the illustration of a book in his 90-minute demo “Children’s Book Illustration As Performance”; Some more, but not all authors and presenters are Mark Munger, Jerry Neren, Tom Keyes, Dawn Frederick, as well as former Edward R. Murrow award-winning radio and TV broadcaster Roshini Rajkumar, is the author of Communicate That!, a book that highlights her unique formula for successful communication.

MORE DETAILS: Call Paul Coate, 952.563.8569 or email:

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